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What do I do with my Brother?

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Updated January 7th, 2020, January 7th, 2020 at 06:53 PM by CaptPlaceholder



  1. Jared's Avatar
    I wouldn't resort to violence. Use words. I would also stop the insults to your brother, it sets a bad example. If he wants to work at his weight, there are a lot of things he can do for that. Eating healthy and daily exercise is a large part of that. When I work out, I have a protein shake, mixed in with amino acids necessary for maintaining muscle. They are very filling, and sometimes can count as a meal for me, or at least can tie me over like a meal does. If he does start exercising or working out, (if this isn't a genetic thing) he should have one of those in place of a meal or a fattening snack.

    When I was very close to depression last year, I just wanted to be alone. Even though that was the reason I was depressed, it didn't help to have people talking to me, much less people who annoy me like my brother(s) or my mom asking me to do stupid tasks. I was attending therapy over the summer and it helped a lot of things. I was able to get all of my emotions out in a place where it wouldn't really effect my life. With his consent, I would recommend that. Good luck with this, I hope he starts feeling better. Losing the weight is definitely possible as long as he tries hard to do it.
    Updated October 3rd, 2011, October 3rd, 2011 at 07:59 PM by Jared
  2. Blackbird's Avatar
    Oh my fucking god I HATE CHILDREN for this reason. Seriously, in this day and age, don't hesitate to get him help. The threat of violence and bullies are very real, and with all the potential for kids these days, do not hesitate to get help from an adult. If your school fails to take action, go to your local public officials and be a bug in their ass. Do not let them ignore this.
  3. tumlaven1's Avatar
    First of all help him build confidence. Do this by setting a weight loss goal with him. Afterwords EXCERCISE WITH HIM. Help him to his goal of maybe 5 pounds every two weeks or so. If he is afraid of excercising in public do basic cardio work outs to help him burn some fat and gain confindence. Don't be rash, 30 pounds in a month is not healthy. If not goal on weight maybe walk a mile a day. Just get active with him. Don't let him go protein shakes unless he is working out. Otherwise the extra protein is going to go..>.>

    If that doesnt work get him into martial arts. Builds confidence, endurance, helps promote activity.

    Overall you are his pillar of support, help him gain confidence in himself. Also i agree with blackbird, GET HELP.
  4. Vulture's Avatar
    just... be there for him.

    talk with him, play video games etc. sounds like he needs someone to make him feel that it's alright.

    this will take a significant sacrifice form you, and your life, but it's worth it. make time, and give it to him.