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So many games coming out this year.

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So i went to Game stop recently to start my fall and winter game pre-order spree. i spent $35 on the minimum balance to pre-ordering 5 games. Batman Arkham City collectors, Saints row the third collectors, Mass Effect 3 collectors, Skyrim, and halo anniversary. those alone come out to $380 alone which doesn't include the games I will by later like Gears 3, Ultimate MvC3, and Assassins creed: Revelations. then their is Soulcalibur 5, Star Wars The old Republic, and any thing else that will catch my interest.
this is going to be one busy year for games, and i did not even include the PS3 games i want.


  1. Soupbase's Avatar
    Collectors editions are a waste of money. ME3/Soul Cal/Old Republic are 2012. Halo/gears are terrible series that somehow sell millions. Skyrim is over-hyped beyond words. Just be a cynic.

    Games I'm buying:
    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online
    Ultimate Mahvel 3 baybee
    DotA 2
    and I'll probably end up sucking dick on the street to get in on some Diablo 3 beta...or lucky as I was for SC2.
  2. Kuckles22's Avatar
    while i agree that collectors editions are a lot of money to put down, i am just one of those people that like to do it. i am however only getting collectors editions that are worth it though. Batman's for example ( comes with a lot of stuff just for $100. but Skyrim, also agree over hyped, comes with three things a statue, map, and art book for $150 that's just ridicules. Gears i agree, which is why i wont get it immediately or at all.
  3. Doctor's Avatar
    There's a thread in our forums that is basically like this.

    But yeah. Some great games. I disagree that Skyrim is overhyped. The game's entire engine is being overhauled, and they'll now be introducing vanilla dual-wielding, including spells. There will be dragons that are unscripted (ie: they do whatever), and the stories from Bethesda have been top-notch.

    Other than Skyrim, ME3, Soul Calibur 5, and ST:TOR are games I'm excited for, whenever they come out. I've only played Arkham Asylum and it was great, and I'm sure Arkham City will be pretty boss.
    Updated August 13th, 2011, August 13th, 2011 at 04:43 PM by Doctor
  4. Jeffero's Avatar
    Very sad to see that Deus Ex was not mentioned here. Very sad indeed :(
  5. Ra_Tukt's Avatar
    Haha! Paying for games.
  6. Aginor's Avatar
    Guild Wars 2
    On the fence for skyrim
  7. Red XIII's Avatar
    No one here is interested in the new COD?
  8. Kuckles22's Avatar
    i personally cannot stand the COD franchise, and the new one looks exactly the same as MW2, so color me not interested.
  9. Doctor's Avatar
    Why would people be interested in shelling out another $60 for a game that would be better off as a $20 expansion?