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  • Sensei


    Sensei is bringing sexy back

    Known away from the keyboard as Dallas Peterson, Sensei hails from the state-formerly-known-as The Republic of Texas. Raised a single child in rural Texas, Dallas was then moved to the suburbs as he began school, and finally left on his own for the sprawling metropolis of Manhattan, New York after finishing High School. As a result, he has gained a solid grasp of many different types of lifestyles, personalities, regions and areas of knowledge and experience that have served him in decision-making matters well. Finding himself rather talented at a myriad of tasks and in many areas, he often times has difficulty focusing on any one pursuit for any serious duration of time. Only within the last few years has Sensei finally squared himself towards a fully-defined goal and acted upon it.

    While at College in New York, Dallas met Joy Schrader, a similarly-aged girl originally from Missouri and Chicago while struggling with thoughts of religion and purpose, and they helped each other with their mental and spiritual growth, this proximity soon growing into a relationship. When they graduated together, Dallas brought Joy to Texas and found both of them a job at Craft restaurant at the W Hotel in Victory Park in Downtown Dallas. For their one-year anniversary in 2009, Joy bought Dallas a powerful computer custom-built by his best friend, Jacob Leggett (Trick_Monkey) for $1300. Five months later they were married in a private ceremony with the only attendant being Jacob Leggett. Approximately a year later, Joy divorced Dallas on grounds of neglect, feelings of being unloved, and a lack of spiritual purpose and direction. Dallas attributes this to a gaming addiction, and while he still struggles occasionally, he has improved dramatically on the whole and aspires to become a more and more rounded-individual.

    Gaming Background

    Always an avid gamer since his parent's purchase of a Super Nintendo for his 4th Christmas, Sensei has taken the most affinity to old school platformers, puzzlers, role-playing and fighting games. His access to a computer capable of playing games was severely limited for many many years, barely being able to run a simple game such as Ultima Online and Starcraft: Brood War up until his High School years when he finally had one strong enough to play games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Even then, he always was two steps behind the industry and never had the opportunity to play the more modern games of his time. While possessing the desire as well as the mental capability to pursue a professional career in gaming, it is fated otherwise, as Sensei neither possesses the time nor the resources required to keep up with the requirements of a profession that in his mind doesn't really exist yet. He regrets being born just slightly too early, but accepts his fate and no longer pursues such folly.

    TF2 History and Preferences

    Coming from a FPS background consisting largely of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Sensei was estatic to hear of the development and release of Team Fortress 2. He pined for years over every scrap of content that was released for the fabled game awaiting it's release, only to have his hopes crushed by lacking a computer powerful enough to run the new game. It was only through the love of Joy Schrader and her purchase of a computer for Dallas that finally granted him the ability to play the game he desired so badly in 2009. Sensei found the Team Interrobang servers after two days of playing, and hasn't left ever since. His best class is Medic, although he plays Pyro far more frequently. While an excellent team player, Sensei truly lives for moments when he can grasp victory from impossible odds and single-handedly win the game for his team. He attributes his success to a deep understanding of efficient play, perfect spatial and temporal awareness, and calculated aggression tempered by over 1000 active hours of play (Steam says 2700 hours but I Idled a bit).

    Other Interests

    Dallas is a Chef at Craft restaurant owned by renown Chef Tomas Colicchio of Top Chef fame in Dallas Texas. While he has trained and taught himself to love cooking, it never was his true passion; although he has become very good at it.

    Having attained the rank of Eagle Scout in 2006, Dallas is a lifetime member of the Boy Scouts of America. One of his life goals is to secure a professional position wherein he can craft his own schedule that would free him to volunteer and help boy's grow and mature everywhere.

    Dallas was introduced to the card game Magic: The Gathering when he was 6 years old and has played it almost non-stop ever since. Only recently has he stopped playing due to financial and motivational issues, but in his prime, he was one of the original proponents of the commons-only Pauper format, and was the first person to negotiate card dealer sponsorships for non-sanctioned player-run tournaments on the Magic: The Gathering Online service. His legacy lives on, for through his and his comrades efforts, Pauper became an officially sanctioned format online in April of 2008. Dallas considers himself an extremely technical player and enjoys many types of deck styles, though his financial shortcomings frustrate him in that they prevent him from playing anything more than Pauper, although he considers himself more than capable of playing professionally. His Pauper profile can be found in the community Pauper database at In addition to his aspirations to volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, Dallas understands the developmental benefits of playing MTG, and wants to involve himself in some way with the game or something similar down the road to help children grow to reach their maximum potential.