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    Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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  • Ra Tukt

    The Early Years

    The first game I ever played on a computer, followed by Descent- the first mouse look game.

    I started out life as a gamer, and I sure as hell intend to die that way. I started playing video games using my father's Game Boy to play Final Fantasy I & II (I couldn't ever decide on which was better) Then, one day I decided to amble over to his computer and check that out too, I don't recall whether or not I was specifically allowed to use it or not, but some thing tells me no.

    As soon as I reached the keyboard, I naturally gravitated to what game he played most, and that was Age of Empires II. I remember that when he found me attempting to play the game, he actually taught me how to use a bunch of the stuff, and before you know it, I was leading great armies to their inevitable deaths. Before long I got my own computer, and I used that to play more of the same, branching out to play games like Black & White. Things went on like that for awhile until we moved closer to Richmond, Virginia.

    When we got settled in at the new home, I started my love affair with the Gamecube. I even still have it next to my bed, hooked up to a VCR+TV. I loved the damn thing, but my favorite game of all time for it was hands down, Time Splitters II. A newer version came out that was even better, Time Splitters: Future Perfect (however, that was much later). It was around this time I also gained my internet savvy by browsing various forums and interacting with people online.

    Forums, Sand, and Sun Gods

    The real Ra_Tukt himself.

    I had gotten my own computer awhile back. However, I didn't use it for much because I didn't have games or internet access. That changed when I finally bought Diablo II at the Goodwill. The game amazed me beyond belief and I spent countless hours on it. At least a hundred sleepless nights were spent leveling up my necromancer.

    I then got the expansion and continued playing it intensely for about a year. I was either 11 or 12 when I got really addicted to it. My first Necromancer was named something ridiculous, and started with Ra. I decided early on to make a better attempt at one, and named him 'Ra_Tukt' and my screen-name was born.

    Now, I was getting seriously involved in online communities around that time. And I'll admit, that just like any other 12 year old, I was prone to bursts of immaturity. I attempted to keep a certain level of control over my grammar and spelling. Which of course, led me to one particular site with a group of friends doing some casual RP stuff. I fucking loved it, I made a few mistakes, but overall everything went smoothly. I continued visiting the site until it vanished from the internet.


    I had big aspirations for my mods, and I did well for the time I spent on it.

    I believe the name of the forum was Nightshade.Anyhoo, around the same time Nightshade went away (I was 13 by then), I found this neat thing called the 'Falling Sand Game.' One particular person had created a mod of it using C++ that allowed you to edit the game particles using elements and reactions. I couldn't resist, and quickly starting coding my own versions using this.

    I was so incredibly proud of this particular monster mod I created: Nature's Torture

    After some school troubles, I still visited the site from time to time, but not with the same enthusiasm. I had recently bought a used PlayStation II, and fell even further into the console abyss. I played more shooter games like Resident Evil IV, and generally loafed around with that until I started to get involved with online gaming through Steam.



    This was the executable file that executed my console playing. Oh ho ho! Bad pun.

    After spending a long year inside, playing my console games, I decided I wanted to buy this 'Orange Box' thing. I downloaded Steam and booted up HL2 for the first time. It was like eye-sex. I was in a state of disbelief as to the awesomeness of it. The AI was engaging and the story seemed well written. When I finished downloading Team Fortress 2 I looked for the kick-ass single-player option. I was confused to not find it, but this did not deter me from playing the game. During this period I had also started practicing for the tennis team at my high school (and that took a good chunk of my time). Although, I still managed to get home and play 1-2 hours of TF2. I remember the first server I found was hosted by Gib$ru$. It was a 24/7 Instant Spawn Goldrush server.
    I had also found Zombie Panic: Source, where I met two friends by the names of 'Garth' and 'Does That Come With Ketchup?' They stuck around for a time, before disappearing when ZP:S became less popular. They were the springboard for my education on how to interact with people in-game.

    Gib$ru$ and The Aftermath

    I started to pub more and more on the Gib$ru$ servers. One day while in their chat room for the steam group, an admin asked me to join up (An admin was always present in there, as it was a popular chat room). I had already submitted an application, so this made me beyond happy. It was a community of over 150 active players, spanning 8 servers. It was around this time that my friend Garth urged me to join another community by the name of Soldiers of Malice. A DoD and ZP:S clan. I participated a bit, but I was mostly in it for the ZP:S. It was here that I learned SourceMod commands as all SoM members had some degree of Admin (sound familiar?). Though the general members of SoM are (and always have been) of the salty type. I doubt they would live up to any Interro-Standards, but I digress from my first subject. SoM can wait.

    For a long time, Gib$ru$ was good. Everyone was happy and the forums were on fire. However, Gib$ had one flaw. The leaders were paying for the servers out-of pocket. This meant that if the one who owned ALL of the servers quit, the community of over 100 people would be left out in the cold. Tony_Montana was the name of the leader that owned the servers. Unfortunately, the costs for the enormous amount of high-quality servers were beginning to wear on him and donations were not up to par, despite member efforts.

    Soon, Tony began to act out, and quite a few of the higher level admins were not exactly happy with the ways that he dealt with things. This forced a group of the Gib$ equivalents of Full Admins to leave. Later, they created a scrim team just to spite Tony. He didn't like this and Somewhere along the line, and without any warning, the forums, servers, and Tony were unreachable. The whole community was upset and broken. I didn't really know what to do for awhile, so I went with a group that played on the 2fort server (known as .n00bz.). Though many groups had sprung up from Gib$ru$. You might see a .n00bz. player on our servers every once in awhile. They have a 32 slot 2fort, but it fills quickly.