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    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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    Team Interro Done Quick - Summer 2017

    SGDQ just completed another fantastic summer event so now it's our turn, again. It's time for the Team Interro Done Quick - Summer Challenge to start! How will this work? From today, July 10th, to Tuesday, August 1st, anyone interested in participating should attempt to speed run...

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  • RGK

    RGK's Bio


    Base RGK never leaves his base.

    RGK was accepted to Team Interrobang on November 8th, 2009 after four months of activity on the team's servers. At 17, he was one of the younger members of the team.

    Hudda Hudda Huh

    As far as playing skills, his favorite class is easily the Pyro. Labeled many names by his victims, his favorite being "One annoying flame-retardant bastard." He also never tires of Spudly's utterance of the words "Oh, **** you, RGK...". While he gloats about his high scores in the game, he secretly cries himself to sleep at night. Because he knows that if he were to actually leaves his base, he'd be a lamb to slaughter.

    Behind The Acronym

    It is unknown as to what the letters "R.G.K." actually stand for. When asked about it, he'll rarely give a response beyond a chuckle. A few people have given their guesses.

    Rectal Gratifying Know-It-All. ~ Superjoe.

    Really Good Killer. ~ Satellite Heated Toast
    Raging Gay Korean. ~ Mussolini

    It has also been assumed to be in reference to Roy G. Krenkal, an American illustrator who specialized in fantasy drawings and paintings.

    As of today, there are only two people (to his knowledge) who know the meaning behind the acronym.