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  • Team Interro Done Quick - Summer 2017

    SGDQ just completed another fantastic summer event so now it's our turn, again. It's time for the Team Interro Done Quick - Summer Challenge to start! How will this work? From today, July 10th, to Tuesday, August 1st, anyone interested in participating should attempt to speed run...

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    Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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  • Problem?



    Problem? confuses not only other people, but himself as well

    Problem? is a complexity, wrapped in an enigma. Does that make sense? Hell no, it doesn't!

    A shy and solitary creature by nature, Problem?'s main nesting ground is known as 2Fort. It is a place where violent tribesman (and the occasional woman) fight over cooking recipes. Problem? is a predatory creature by nature who attacks unsuspecting prey like a hawk. but is about as graceful as a bear on a unicycle at a Russian circus.

    Also, Problem? is tied with BostonJake for record holder for most positive votes on an application (+37)