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  • Leezard

    Leezard, is a prehistoric dinosaur brought back to life with cutting edge technology to build sentries for hours at a time. After dying several bajillion years ago, Leezard had to be enhanced with mechanical components to function. After construction was completed, he was sold to Team Interrobang on July 25th, 2008.

    Hatchling - Young Dinosaur

    Hatching 74 million years ago, Leezard is, theoretically, the oldest member of Team Interrobang (though he now goes by his rebirth age of 19). As a young dinosaur, Leezard enjoyed the typical life of one of his species. Eating a lot of leftover meat, and running from things larger than himself. Life as a dinosaur was short lived however. A landslide left Leezard dead and buried for 74 million years. 19 years ago he was brought back to life with the help of modern technology. Now he has the opportunity to live in the modern world in the great state of Florida.


    Leezard prefers to leave facts about his old life behind. Leezard now claims to be 19 years old and comes around 5 feet 11 inches in height.


    Leezard's diet used to be primarily freshly killed dinosaurs, or rotting corpses of leftover victims. Now, Leezard's diet is primarily Steak N Shake. Going there at least once a week, Leezard is well known by several waitresses. Leezard usually gets the Chicken Fingers and French Fries with a cup of Chili and a Coke.
    Pizza is very important to the success and survival of Leezard. Without such, he couldn't perform even the most basic of motor functions.


    On the Team Interrobang servers

    Leezard enjoys the fantastic Payload and 2Fort servers over most. Leezard also host iBattles with fellow bangers OnaZ and Chayoss, and is the proud leader of the Tunnel Snakes.
    Favourite classes are Heavy, Engineer, and Medic.

    Off the Team Interrobang servers


    Leezard is working towards becoming a High School teacher in History or Psychology. Still undecided.


    Leezard works for Avantair. An airport in Clearwater, Florida. He's the assistant to the Operations Coordinator and does a lot of chatting on the TI Chat instead of actual work. When he does work, he's responsible for the updating of several Manuals that the airplanes must have in order to fly.


    Leezard is usually constantly listening to music. He carries his iPod wherever he goes. He's kept an extensive account that dates back a few years and shows Leezard's library quite extensively.
    Leezard also plays the bass guitar and has participated in several bands.


    • High School Talent show winner for the year 2007
    • Is colour blind
    • Afraid of snakes