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  • Team Interro Done Quick - Summer 2017

    SGDQ just completed another fantastic summer event so now it's our turn, again. It's time for the Team Interro Done Quick - Summer Challenge to start! How will this work? From today, July 10th, to Tuesday, August 1st, anyone interested in participating should attempt to speed run...

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    Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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  • Howitzer

    Howitzer, less commonly known as "Lori," is an odd and nearly alien lifeform. It is almost exclusive to the Internet. Only one specimen, a Canadian variety, has been discovered and documented. After a brief but successful pilot period, it was placed in the long-term care of Team Interrobang on May 20th, 2009.


    Howitzer enjoys relating the tale of its early days to both trusted friends and total strangers.
    It grew up on the disadvantaged west side of the city. It quickly acquired a wealth of street knowledge, as in many instances it had to fend entierly for itself. During the twelve days of visible sunlight in Canada, it spent much of its time at local playgrounds, relaxing or practicing her three-point shot.
    One day, however, a few men of a decidedly belligerent persuasion accosted Howitzer. They had a reputation for causing trouble for the citizenry of the surrounding area and provoking the ire of the neighbourhood watch.
    One thing led to another, Howitzer claims, and it found itself physically reacting to the men. When its mother discovered this, she worried for its safety, lest the men return in greater numbers. Early the next morning, she sat Howitzer down and told it, "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air!"


    There is a significant amount of confusion over Howitzer's age and gender. Some circles claim that it is a 19-year-old female; others believe that it is actually a 12-year-old boy that has not yet undergone puberty.
    A less popular sect says that Howitzer is the 45 years of age and the simultaneous reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Krishna, and Mohammad, as well as the fifteenth Dalai Lama and the final pontiff listed in the Prophecy of the Popes.
    Howitzer stands at five feet and five inches in height (with shoes). Its hair, while varying in length, remains a scraggly brown mess. It must wear bulky clothing at all times to both divert prying eyes and protect itself from being snapped in half by a stiff breeze.

    Mating Habits

    Howitzer is currently dating Captain Charisma, a fellow Team Interrobang member, despite his tendency to scream alarmingly when it is attempting to drive and repeated threats to dump it for little or no reason.
    Their close physical resemblance draws many strange looks from uninformed onlookers. Children's Aid has been called to their location to break up a supposedly incestuous relationship a grand total of sixteen times.


    On the Team Interrobang servers

    Howitzer spends a significant proportion of its game time yelling at other players through its microphone.
    Its favourite classes are Soldier, Pyro, and Medic, as well as Scout when it is feeling jittery.

    Off the Team Interrobang servers


    Howitzer is currently studying journalism at an anonymous university. This is accompanied by frequent bitching about workload and poorly marked assignments.


    Howitzer enjoys an absurd range of music, from Rush, Supertramp, and Pink Floyd to Pendulum and The Music. It also listens to an unhealthy volume of arranges and remixes of stage themes from obscure Japanese vertical shooters.
    Literary pastimes
    Howitzer has been an avid reader from a very young age, preferring science fiction and non-Tolkien fantasy. Her favourite authors include Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and China Miéville, amongst many others.
    It also considers itself a writer. Work on one novel is already underway, with no end in sight.

    Notable Accomplishments

    • High school English subject award
    • Runner-up in Interroweek 2010 Trivia Challenge
    • Second-in-Command of VirginBride's Anti-Fun Brigade
    • Yellow belt in Photoshop-Fu
    • Recognized by the United Nations as the Fifteenth Most Interesting Ma...Thing in the World
    • On the no-fly lists of the United States, Argentina, Malaysia, Dubai, Cuba, and the USSR
    • Grand Champion of the 2008 Oahu Shark Wrestle In Partnership With Discovery Channel Fueled By Castrol Fed By Wheaties
    • Guinness world record holder for most unique curse words used in a single lifetime (1,739,332)