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  • Ellice

    Ellice is a Junior Admin for Team Interrobang. She is 22 years old, has a degree in graphic design (which she considers useless) and a lot of student loans to repay. She also lives in Texas (which means she own a shotgun, wrench, and 10 gallon hat).



    Ellice has met the following members:

    Ellice's Crazy Internet

    During the very hot or very cold weather, Ellice's internet is horrible. At best she can connect to TI servers for one second before getting dropped. She connects just long enough to kick someone for her reserved slot. Her modem and wireless router are on the opposite side of her long narrow house. Unfortunately she is unable to run a network cable from the router to her bedroom. When her net is working she can be an awesomely annoying Spy or a crazy battle Medic.

    Ellice's Classes

    She mains Medic, often switching between Kritzkreig and Medigun as needed. She sometimes charges Heavies at full health with the hopes of uber sawing them to death (which occasionally works).
    2nd most played class is Spy. She used to only use the Cloak and Dagger, but now often uses the Dead Ringer. Sometimes she uses the original watch but it isn't her preference. She often talks while cloaked or disguised, when she is feeling chatty or just wants to taunt the other team. She loves when a Pyro walks right past her without spy checking and then proceeds to back stab the him.
    Ellice used to play a lot more Pyro and Engie (in reverse order with actual time played). She often fails to burn and pull out the axetinguisher, instead she pulls out her flare gun. She mostly gave up on Engie because it required too much help from teammates that would not be offered (such as spy checking, basic defense when setting up buildings or another engi to cover her blind spots).


    Ellice primarily plays on the Payload server with Control Points being her second favorite. She wishes TI still had a KOTH server. Recently she has been seen on Arena, but the truth is she likes the players enough to put up with it. She never plays on 2Fort, unless to take care of a problem maker.