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  • Doctor

    Doctor, who is also known by the moniker of “Conall”, is a strange and fascinating creature. Sightings of the Doctor are rare and usually quickly forgotten, but there are those who remember these sightings, these bizarre meetings. These people have gathered a rather incredible basis of knowledge on this Doctor, and have agreed to share their findings, though their identities will remain anonymous.


    Early Years:

    There was a time when Doctor was young, and he seemed no different than other human children his age. He was always dirty, grubby, and had a mop for a head. Indeed, Doctor was indeed quite normal in his early years. Even with the separation of his parents, young Doctor was stable-minded and constantly a thorn in the side of his parental units. One of these parental units has been found, and visits the sites of the most frequent Doctor Sightings, the Team Interrobang servers. Broken Wolf seems to be the father figure of the mysterious Doctor, though it seems Doctor may not remain a mystery for long, with Broken’s habit of sharing information…

    In the late years of his childhood, for six orbital revolutions around Earth’s Sun (6 years), young Doctor suffered through emotional turmoil, as his father remarried to a true witch of a woman (the “w” reads as a “b”. Let’s pretend it’s a foreign word), and his younger brothers started creating drama in the family. As Doctor suffered through, he became twisted, misshapen, and quite bizarre. The creature that was once so normal became “weird.”

    After being removed from the situation where the strange Doctor became strange, he quickly refined his bizarre personality, and became a respectable young man, someone who tries his best to make things right, someone who learns quickly and a young man who looks killer in 6 inch stripper heels.


    The Doctor stands at a (relatively) tall height of 6 feet. Because all of our informants are American, we are sadly unable to convert this into Meters, for those who use a more efficient method of measurements... Weighing roughly 145 lbs, he is rather lean of build. Should a strong wind blow by, some would say the Doctor would blow away with it, and skitter along the ground, painfully, like a leaf.


    The Doctor has yet to reproduce, much to the dismay of our informants. It seems that the few females (or males) Doctor has deemed worthy of his attention, love and care are, sadly, already taken. While this frustrates the young, hormonal Doctor, he takes it well in stride, knowing he will one day find the perfect girl (or guy, he’s not sure). This is, of course, pure guesswork by our informants, but we’ll take their word as law, as there is no other information available to us.

    Behavior and Personality

    Hobbies: Doctor seems to enjoy video games, chatting with friends, playing video games, competing with friends in such video games as Super Smash Brothers: Brawl and the like, reading, reading about video games, doing inane research online, and doing inane video game research online. What Doctor might do beyond these hobbies are a mystery to us, though we’ve heard he spends his daytime in an almost prison-like environment commonly called “high school.”

    Video Games: The Doctor seems to like many types of video games, as he had been raised from near-birth on them. He was nursed by Final Fantasy, learned to walk from Need for Speed, and taught how to play catch by Unreal Tournament. Doctor seems to prefer roleplaying games, such as World of Warcraft, Dragon Age: Origins, and Neverwinter Nights. He’s also fond of first-person shooters, such as Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead I&II, and sometimes even Halo.

    Friends: The Doctor seems to be rather picky about who he calls friends. While he loves meeting new people (some of our informers have called him a sociophile), he seems rather choosy about who he gets close to. For those who he does choose to associate with closely, he seems very dedicated to their well-being, as he is willing to go out of his way to make sure they’re happy and safe.

    Mating Choices: So far, it seems Doctor’s requirements for a mate are even more stringent than for his friends. It seems no males have, as yet, managed to fulfill these requirements and also display a similar interest in Doctor. However, there do seem to be a few females who have met his checklist. The only thing standing in his way in those cases are the fact that these sorts of women are in high demand, and have already paired themselves to other mates. The bizarre fact here is that many informers have overheard these females telling Doctor that he could have any woman he wanted, if he tried. (Curious Fact: Doctor himself has commented on this, and said that the irony of those situations is absolutely stifling. He does, however, find the prolific spread of informers disturbing, and wishes they would stop making his life so easy to find.)

    Viewpoints and Personal Opinions: Unknown. Seems to be very caring, very considerate and very respectful, but also displays tendencies of goofy, silly behavior patterns. Bizarre incarnate.

    List of Awards

    (according to our informers, that is)
    • Most Improved and Most Valuable Rookie (Basketball)
    • Certificate of Academic Achievement
    • Publishings in school newspaper
    • Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog
    • Team Interrobang Member
    • Survival of maturation cycle
    • Kid who is consistently picked last