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  • Captain Charisma

    Born in 1988, Captain Charisma is a 22 year old Male from Southern Ontario, Canada. His family emigrated from Middlesex, England. Captain Charisma was born and raised Canadian and has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

    The Origin of Captain Charisma

    Mild mannered University student by day, pretty much the same by night, just louder. The name came from his childhood. Every kid wants to be a superhero, he just never grew out of his. His love for alliteration as a child spurred into this name. It later evolved into his mock production label he put on his High school video projects (which received small, yet notable awards). The name stuck through his young-adult years as it was catchy and became a base character name for almost any video game he played.

    Pre-Captain Charisma in TF2

    Cappy started his TF2 career as a Scout under the name of Erbcore. This phase went on for many months until he stumbled across the Team Interrobang servers. After playing a few days against [!?]Ezell, his Sniping lust and potential started to reveal itself. He changed his name to Sniper Wolf (a reference to the female sniper from the Metal Gear Solid series) and began a regiment of sniping against [!?]Ezell to try to better his craft. After a while, he went through a few more name changes, including Decadence Torn (the metal band he was in) and Kronos (the God of time). He then took the name from his childhood and applied it to the player everyone knows today as [!?]Captain Charisma.

    The Legend of Captain Charisma

    He wrote a series of comics in his teenage years that were poorly drawn, but had intensive dialogue and action. He still writes them,even if the frequency has abated. However, most of the comic exploits of Captain Charisma are presented through narrative storytelling, rather than the visual medium of comics.
    The first nemesis of Captain Charisma was the Internet. This has since turned into a colossal battle with the famed Thong Goblins of the Gel Mines. The Captain Charisma story continues with our hero trying to recover the Jewels of Eldergoth from the famed ButtSluts of Algoron 5.

    The Story of Howitzer

    During his current exploits to retrieve the Jewels of Eldergoth, he came across notorious villain Howitzer. After their twenty-eight hour fight between good and evil, they succumbed to their lusty ways and cavorted in Howitzer’s evil boy-molesting dungeon deep in the Hysian Mines. Captain Charisma has since converted Howitzer’s shriveled, prune-like heart into a beating vascular organ of good.



    Mostly melodic power metal bands like Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, and Nightwish . He enjoys any style of music, save Rap or Hip-Hop. He is also very fond of J-Pop and speedy Techno music.


    Cappy’s favorite movies include Sweeney Todd, Gran Torino, Inglorious Basterds, The Phantom of the Opera, A Beautiful Mind, and many other movies that spark his interest.


    Cappy has a growing collection of anime movies and TV shows, his favorites being Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing.


    Cappy plays PS1,2 and 3, DS, PSP, Wii, and PC games by and large. His favorite titles include Tales of Symphonia, any game in The Legend of Zelda series, Brave Fencer Musashi, any Pokémon game, and any Fire Emblem game.

    [!?]Captain Charisma

    He joined TI in 2008, a few short months after TF2’s release, during the team's early stages. He was voted as the first ever TI Member Spotlight, and was then promoted to FA in early 2010. Cappy still doesn’t understand why he became so popular so quickly or why he remains popular, even after all his attempts of having sex with anything that moves. Cappy is the creator of the King of Charisma, the term “Assclown” (see the Interro Dictionary), and “Opera Sex” (see the Interro Dictionary). Now he is mainly in charge of birthday announcements and new recruits/recruiting section of the Team forums.


    Captain “Cappy” Charisma is currently (as of 2010-2011) in his fourth year at the University of Toronto. He is attempting to major in both English and Professional Writing. After he claims his Bachelors, he intends to go after his Masters in Journalism so he can hit the ground running as a professional writer. His end-game is to become a novelist, but his ephemeral goals are yet undetermined (he hasn’t decided if he prefers Feature writing, Video Game journalism or Music journalism). He hopes that something will spark his passion during his educational career that allows him to find his heading.