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  • Admiral Awesome

    Admiral Awesome's TF2 History

    I first saw TF2 being played in early August of 2008, at AND4H's. After watching him play Spy on 2fort, I had to try it out for myself. After hearing about the rage that happens on counterstrike and knowing I would be terrible, I wanted the most obnoxious name I could think of (as a sort of self defense). Admiral Awesome was born August 23rd 2008 on my old family computer. I lagged my way to the center of ctf_well and got my first kill as a Heavy. I decided to buy a computer right then and there.
    I would play with AND4H when he was on. When he wasn’t online, I was alone and had to explore servers by myself. It didn’t take long for me to find the server of my dreams (a 24/7 2fort server with all-talk and a non-serious attitude), the 2098 server. Everyday, I did the same thing, work, school, then tf2. Around two weeks in, I had about 90 hours under my belt.
    Making friends was easy for me, because I was on all the time. I also participated in things like underground melee tournaments, not to mention I was a pretty good 2fort sniper. On that server it was a good way to grab attention. It was also around this time that I started to play Heavy. This was so I could tag-team with AND4H, who liked to be my medic because I was new.
    After a few weeks of playing and making friends on the server, a message came in from White Funk (He was an admin for 2098): "Hey, do you still want to be in the clan?" He asked. I replied "I never actually asked, but I would like to, if that’s okay..." He then told me to put on the tags.

    [edit]Admiral Awesome changes his name to Admiral Awesome [2098]

    Angry Heavy is angry

    After a while, people started asking me to get a mic. But honestly, I was rather self-conscious about my voice, and continued typing what I thought needed to be said. During an average night on 2fort, 2098 was putting together a scrim team. I suppose I'd had a good run or two, and White Funk said something about me that I couldn’t quite make it out through the game sounds. After the smoke cleared, I heard him say, in his Florida boonies voice "Yeah, but Admiral Awesome is a GOOOOOOD heavy." After this I was then invited to play on the B-team.
    Under White Funk's command, the B-team fought hard against Chaos' (aka Orzo, aka Dave) team, but still got pounded. I remember that I held my own, and even forced the team to pop their uber early. It was a small victory, however there wasn’t much else I could do. Even though we got wrecked, scrims were fun. This amount of teamwork was uncommon among the public servers, along with the skill level. I couldn’t help but think that we would have done better if I didn’t have to stop to type. It was that day that I decided to spend the money (which I didn’t have) to get a mic.
    The game changed for me after that. The ability to make an entire server laugh or to trash talk people who were way better than me, was a blast. Not to mention, scrims were more fun too. In the middle of that October, our leader Starman, left. I’m not sure why, but I suspect he wanted to get his life back in order. With his temporary departure, TheNinjaSpongecake took over the clan. As far as the scrims were concerned, the B-team was getting better. We would even take a round or two from Chaos' team, and after a while we even started to play against other clans. Chaos’ team actually did pretty well, and our B-team did okay. We had a blast every time we played.
    Towards the end of October I was playing Sniper on 2Fort, on the other team was a player who was at at least as skilled. His name was Dr. Tom, and after some jokes and trash talking, we became fast friends. It came to light soon after that we were both from new jersey.
    Dr. Tom and I did pretty much everything together. He rapidly became my internet best friend, and I felt as if it was my job to get him into 2098. So that’s exactly what I did, even though he protested for a while, I eventually convinced him to apply. His votes came in quickly as he was funny and popular among most of the players.
    As this was happening, it seemed as though the power started to go to Ninja's head. Soon he started changing rules around and he even brought people in just to scrim, even though they weren’t in the clan. Soon after, scrim team dissolved out of anger and frustration. The public server was getting fed up as well. On 2098 server, admin abuse wasn’t uncommon, but it was done tastefully and was often funny. For whatever reason, after Starman left, it got much worse. Girrrly would freeze/teleport/slay/whatever if you so much as killed her, and no one stopped it. In the meantime, a lot of the friends I'd made started to take breaks, and I was left with abusive admins and a power-hungry leader.
    On Vent, a few members and I talked about leaving and starting our own thing (Chaos, AND4H, Boulder, Dr. Tom and I). Chaos and Boulder were convinced to stay with 2098 because they were promised admin powers. In December, Dr. Tom and I left, AND4H followed.
    I believe that not too long after this, Chaos, Boulder and a few others left 2098 to play in league matches.

    [edit]Admiral Awesome [2098] changes his name back to Admiral Awesome

    Dr. Tom and I started to plan. We agreed that I would be lead our clan and he would pay for the server. We decided to start an alltalk 2fort server and we gathered a few of our friends that we'd met on the internet. Now, all we needed was a name. I still remember lying on the couch, texting Dr. Tom back and forth. As a joke, I thought of the name the Arwing Armada. He said he loved it, and the clan was born.

    Admiral Awesome changed their name to =??= Admiral Awesome

    Things were slow for a few weeks, and to be fair, i got so bored that i stopped trying to start the server. I played elsewhere with friends, and i started to accept that the clan had failed. Then i followed AND4H and his friends into an arena server, and made a lot of friends. I took notice of how fun 3v3 arena was, and how people would join and stay (unlike a 2fort server where no one wants to play 3v3). The point was, it was easy to start up, and i thought we could get popular fast. Dr. Tom didn’t like the idea of playing "the mac OS version of counterstrike" as he so often said. But after a bit of talking i convinced him to try it, and within a few weeks, our numbers started to grow.
    I felt rather satisfied when i knew i could hop on and get an 8 v 8 game going, and soon enough, i noticed certain people coming back. We had regulars and, eventually, new members. Before i knew it, the tf2 server was booming, and ventrillo was a great place to stay when you weren’t playing. On the surface, things looked great, but in reality, Dr. Tom and I would argue constantly. He would try to change things about the clan that i was leading without asking, or he wouldn’t help change things about the server that i wanted done. The flaw in our plan was becoming more apparent, but in the meantime, after we argued and compromised, the result would be something fair and great.
    Eventually, in the summer of that year, the strain on our friendship was too much, and we got into another argument. He had made a friend of his, broken, an admin without asking, and when i tried to stop him, his reaction was to leave the clan for good. While we scrambled to find someone to run the server that Ebbtides stepped up to pay for, Broken volunteered. He helped a lot, until Dr. Tom wanted back into the deal he made with broken to split and make a new clan. Dr. Tom sided with broken, who had all of the passwords to the servers and left the AA high and dry to form clan zero... -Z-
    AND4H, and a few other friends stepped up to pay for new servers, as we tried as hard as we could to cling to what we tried so hard to build. Ebbtides went to Clan Zero because that’s where his money was, and few of the remaining AA members followed the popular server that they know and love, as Dr. Tom claimed that it was a new name for the same clan. A few faithfuls stuck around to help me, but ultimately we failed, and truthfully, most of the people that were in the original Arwing Armada, deleted Dr. Tom and I, and went on to do other things.
    Its impossible to put into words how dramatic this all felt, and frankly, i felt guilty for letting it happen. In August of 2009, the Arwing Armada was dead.
    =??= Admiral Awesome changed their name to Admiral Awesome
    After that, i took a long break from tf2, as i started my first full time job.
    In October of 09, with the fall of the arwing armada a distant memory, i decided to pick up and play again. After the AA, between people siding with Dr. Tom, and people just leaving steam forever, i had few friends. So i entered servers as a quiet nobody pubber for the first time in a long time. It felt odd, honestly, not to be greeted when i entered a server, but it didn’t feel nearly as strange as it felt to open the game then join a server because i didn’t have any friends playing. But that’s what i did, I’d play arena servers and 2fort servers, but nothing was really for me, that is, until i found Team Interrobangs server number 2.
    I was reluctant to enter because of how many of the older 2098 members talked about TI, but i did anyway. I remember having the most fun playing TF2 since the AA was doing well, and soon enough, i started to make friends. I started to play on server 3 a little bit, and i made more friends, and eventually, i started frequenting the mumble server. I would hang out with Banks, Miranda, Blade, and a few others every day, they were the first real internet friends i had in a long time. Then, one random day, completely out of nowhere, just like White funk did so long ago, Banks sent this:

    Message from banks

    5 November 2009, 08:09
    I nominated you today as a possible new recruit. Try and get your hours up to 24 sometime soon If you think you'd be interested. This does not mean you have to apply, or that you will get in. I just think you seem to fit well with the TI style of gaming, and my opinion is taken pretty seriously around here. Something to think about Banks

    I was excited, i loved the servers and community, but i didn’t really know where i stood until then. So, a few days later, i applied, and i got in with relative ease.

    Admiral Awesome changed their name to [!?] Admiral Awesome
    After i got in, i realized it was a great place to make friends and not deal with any sort of drama. It was an uneventful time, unless im to mention the friends i made. I played on and off for a few months, until around January. I’m not sure what struck me, but i started to miss the AA.
    No matter what happened at the end, i truly loved AA, and as i started to think about the good times again, i started to talk about it with friends. And eventually, they convinced me to take what i learned from 2098, the original AA, things i heard from clan zero, and finally, TI. Just as i was about to decide that it was too much stress, Clan Zero fell, and a lot of old friends were homeless. The ideas in the back of my head were pushed up to the front as i convinced myself, "If you’re gonna do it, do it now." So that’s what i did:
    Dear Mr. Interrobang 7 Months, 4 Weeks ago (2010/01/17 15:42)
    First, I’d like to thank all of you for being so kind... usually... and I’d like to state that i never had a problem with any one of you... at all, you’re great people... however, i think its time i left ti... as i told a few of you, i used to have a small group of my own, and... frankly, i miss it... so, im gonna try again... ill be around... without a doubt.. the friends i made were too great to just... cast them away... if my new group doesn’t succeed, ill reapply to ti, if you'll have me... you guys are great...
    but most of all, thank you for re-kindling my love for a great game.... i cant tell you how much that means to me....
    anyway, see y’all around. :D
    [!?] Admiral Awesome changed their name to Admiral Awesome
    After i left, i went from arena server to arena server, finding people who play on the type of server i was going to start. Eventually, combined with a few remnants of -Z- members and new friends, i felt like i had enough to start the server. I led the clan and paid for the server while AND4H, who stayed in TI, helped maintain it (and i should say he was definitely on the ball). The Arwing Armada was back with our new motto "the same but different".
    Admiral Awesome changed their name to =??= Admiral Awesome
    With Dr. Tom out of the picture, things were pretty smooth, at the start, when things were small, there were only a few admins, and they were all great. I'm not sure why, but the server i got really popular really fast. In just a few weeks, my arena server was more popular than the TI arena server, which was a goal of mine. I was so proud to have my lowly server stand up with that of a community that has established itself like TI. My next goal was server 2.
    As the new AA grew, i lost a bit of control, we needed more admins, and the ones i had were a bit abusive, so i was forced to limit power, and remind members that admin is a job. A while after that problem was solved, around may or June of '10, a few trolls were voted into the clan, they had a nasty habit of being funny at first, getting voted in, then have a turn around. unfortunately, these people brought friends, and before i knew it, the AA was overrun, and i was met with a conflict. Should i scrap the server or try to work on it? At this time, Dr. Tom returned and started a new group of his own, expletive gaming, or 'exp. We lost a few key members, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, which made me proud, i had, at one point, a clan that a lot of people loved, including myself. If my funding was better, i probably wouldn’t have minded the work, however, when you make as little as i do, $45 a month is a bit much. In June of 2010, i decided my leading days were over.
    My last AA forum post read:
    alright... well i guess ill cut to the chase... i think im done with the clan... its been a good six months... and all of you made me really happy... from the trolls to the fucking little twerps who asked six trillion questions that i didn’t care about... i mean it... i liked all of you... its just that i have a lot going on... to say the least... and for the past month or so, i haven’t been the leader i should have been... and the clan reflects that... normally I’d simply work on changing those things but it'll involve work that i don’t have time for... (not to mention i could use the extra cash :P)
    anyway... i decided to end it now... for a few reasons... first... i wanted to end it on my own terms... the AA didn’t die off... addy ended it :3... second... the games about to update... new people are gonna play... and old people will come back.. it'll be the prime time to get out there and find a new group...
    or... if you want... you can start one... all of you can start a clan/community... ill be sure to help with anything you need.. and ill leave you with these tips... ....first off, before you start, decide what you want your server to be, and go to similar servers that are clan less (IE doormans op uh... shark tank... stuff like that) make as many friends as you can... and make friends that have friends to ensure growth..., once you have things going, make sure it stays the way you want it to stay... make sure you don’t let your members change it and take it out from under you....
    ....finally, though you’ll have to realize you cant do what everyone wants, make sure you LISTEN to everyone.... EVERYONE... (even the little twerp who asks 82347693857623 questions)

    anyway in a few months im sure ill want to start another clan... (ill miss it) so i hope you all stay in touch.... my goal here was to make a place where i could allow people to have fun and make friends... i hope you all had fun... and i suggest you hang on to your friends... and maybe follow them to whatever group they end up in... (ill say... for those of you that end up in exp, steer clear of tom... he's a cool guy.... but the closer you get, the more likely he is to stab you in the back or hang you out to dry...)

    anyway, thanks for the great times, friends and memories... i love every one of you, keep in touch, ill be around...

    -admiral awesome....

    PS... im not paying for the server this month... idk when it'll die... but it will...

    =??= Admiral Awesome changed their name to Admiral Awesome
    After the new AA, i took another break, but not because i was depressed about the collapse of my clan, my feelings about this were much different. I was pleased with the way the new AA fell on my accord. Even though most of my new AA friends have faded away, a lot of them are still around and keep in touch. Also, Dr. Tom's new clan failed rather swiftly. (which made me pretty happy.)
    After approximately 2 hours of tf2 in 2 months, in august, i decided to try to pick back up. I traveled around to a few communities to test the waters, but i found myself on a TI server again, and i had a blast. Old members were themselves, and new members were just as great. Soon enough i decided to reapply, and after a bit of a rough patch, i was readmitted.
    Admiral Awesome changed their name to [!?] Admiral Awesome
    So now, in mid September i look back over the short time of two years and i think about how much has happened. I'm not really sure what to say, and as much as i want to think it doesn’t affect my life at all, and these are just internet people, I’d be lying to myself. I may not still talk to everyone, but i remember them, and i always will.