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  • Team Interro Done Quick - Summer 2017

    SGDQ just completed another fantastic summer event so now it's our turn, again. It's time for the Team Interro Done Quick - Summer Challenge to start! How will this work? From today, July 10th, to Tuesday, August 1st, anyone interested in participating should attempt to speed run...

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    Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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  • What


    What's Bio, Under Construction at an Interrowiki near you!

    Interrogative's Bio

    What First received Team Fortress 2 in the Orange Box through a Gamestop Giftcard he received for Christmas. He was able to actually play Team Fortress 2 on January 1, 2009. however, his internet was crap. As in, his ping shot between 70-700. Eventually his ISP was replaced, and he now gets his stable 60 ping he cherishes!

    Pre-TF2, Console
    Before playing Team Fortress 2, What mostly played console games. but not FPSes on consoles, except Medal of Honor 1, and MoH Underground. He also enjoyed playing the Original (read: only good ones) Spyro games. His first ever Final Fantasy was FF8, but played FF7 shortly after, at a relatives house, here they didn't have any memory cards, and was killed by the Sheep-herder and his Sheep due to poison.
    Then came along the PS2, his favorite console. So many games. Several favorites are:
    -Monster Hunter -Kingdom Hearts -Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix (imported) -Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (Jap) -Rogue Galaxy -Final Fantasy 12

    Pre-TF2, PC

    Coming soon, involving Age of Empires 2: Conqueror's Expansion, and Lots of Cobra Car spam!