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  • Shas'O Faiz

    Shas'O Faiz


    The poor lad was born with the misfortune of resembling a grotesque blend of Napolean Dynamite and McLovin, a fact the denizens of TI never let him live down.

    Those of you new to Team Interrobang may be curious as to the true identity of one "Shas'O Faiz", and wonder why he is spoken of in mocking tones, and what he has done to deserve such ridicule and scorn. For wondering such things you are a fool. There were things men of this earth were never meant to know, and this is but one of them. Learning this story will teach you nothing, and only damage your mind further. For your sake, if no one else's, cease reading this page immediately.


    You motherfucker. FINE.
    Once upon a time there was a young lad named Shas'O Faiz. He was not too bright, not too good looking and not too friendly. But, overall, he was not damaged goods. He was looking for TF2 servers to play on, when he found Team Interrobang, and it was all downhill from there.

    Current Status


    His hideous deformed face now hidden behind the mask, all anyone sees of him is the gruff, cold, hateful exterior he chooses to show to the world.

    Today, Shas'O Faiz is a deranged emotional wreck, whose sole purpose in life is to play on TI servers and endure the emotional abuse heaped on him by such villains as Bevo, Agent Monkfish, Hellfighter, TheChief, and other unsavory characters whose evil knows no bounds. In a single hour he will be told "Shut up, Shas!" no less than 30 times, in addition to micspams of "How could this happen to Shas?", "But I Shas from there!", and others being invented weekly. He copes by crying himself to sleep every night and avoiding all real-life human contact.
    The only thing that keeps him going and prevents him from overdosing on a mixture of heroin and cocaine is the slimmest, faintest glimmer of hope that one day, one glorious day, he will carry out his bloodthirsty revenge upon them all. The possibility of such an event does NOT keep any TI members up at night for fear of their lives.


    Shas'O Faiz can be found mainly on Server 1 (Payload), but has a tendency to wander from server to server. He also maintains a presence on the forums, usually yelling at other team members for relatively minor infractions like grammatical errors. These and other examples of anti-social behaviour have only worsened his ostracization from other players; a bit of a contradiction considering that he can usually be found playing support classes and support loadouts (Medic, Engie, JarateSniper, BannerSoldier, SuicideScout), a practice that stems from his utter lack of personal skill at the game. He can also be up for Borderlands, Pirates Vikings and Knights 2, and Left 4 Dead 2.
    Above all else, when dealing with Shas'O Faiz, never forget that he HATES you. Intensely. It's not necessarily your fault, however. The time he has spent on TI has rendered him unable to form meaningful interpersonal contact. All you can do is avoid engaging in conversation, or eye contact, as this will only irritate him more.