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  • Agnior27


    Aginor is a mess.


    Aginor took his name from an antagonist in Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of time" franchise. He's read of to book 5, and has been stuck there for awhile.
    Because it was name that he rarely saw online, adopted it as his username when he made an account of a website. The name has stuck, and has become his go to pseudonym. Variations include an underscore before the 27.
    The 27 itself is/was a number selected at random. NO MYSTERIES HERE.
    Aginor had the 27 on his username for awhile, now he's just Aginor. If that's taken he'll usually slap the 27 back on.


    Video games have been a constant in Aginor27's life. He was very much a Nintendo fanboy in his youth. This would come back to bite him in the ass, as he had only a Gamecube as his home console till 2006, leaving him to miss out on much.
    Aginor has dipped his proverbial toes in the MMORPG waters twice. First with Guild Wars, and then with World of Warcraft. Aginor played WoW till the end of 2008. It wasn't that he wanted to stop playing, it just sort of happened.
    Aginor also enjoys a good book. He needs to get caught up though, he keeps buying them, only to let them sit on his shelf.
    Comic books are something Aginor spends most of his money on. He cares more for the "alternative comics/self publishing" scene, but he'll still pick up a few DC titles from time to time.
    Aginor also likes music. He can play Tuba, Guitar, and Piano, yet he should really practice the second one more. Aginor likes just about every style of music.


    Age: 19. Born March 16, 1992
    Height: About 6'1 I guess? Around that, Aginor doesn't own a tape measure
    Weight: Sexy
    Hair: Brown
    Facial Hair: Previously thick, but then he shaved it off.
    Teeth: GOOD LORD WHAT THE HOLY CHRIST oh wait dental surgery and orthodontics.

    Joining the Team

    Aginor applied to join the team on the 24th of September, 2010. Following an overall first consensus of "Who?" due to little use of the mic (it had been messed up due to his playing on a Macbook Pro for a while), he set to work talking ears off.
    The most interesting moment of his application came when he was made a member for about 4 hours, then set back to an applicant. Aginor had applied just eight hours past the turnover to the new rules, and was thus subject to them, not the old ones as previously thought. What a hilarious misunderstanding!


    As of late, a lot of Aginor's chatter on server consists of complaining and inhumane levels of sarcasm He's working on improving this. He blames server 5. Samurai insists that Aginor has a Canadian accent, and will make him say words just so that he can laugh. It's terrible.

    In Game

    Aginor doesn't really dedicate himself to one class. Aginor is not very good at TF2.

    Other Games

    Aginor will really give anything a chance, and greatly enjoys playing games with others, perhaps due to his years of playing console games by himself. Aginor enjoys many games, be they console or PC. He can be found in Teamspeak with a good number of team members playing a variety of games. He's taken to ARTS games like League of Legends and Dota 2 as of late.


    Aginor is the resident hipster of Team Interrobang. Apparently.