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  • Team Interro Done Quick - Summer 2017

    SGDQ just completed another fantastic summer event so now it's our turn, again. It's time for the Team Interro Done Quick - Summer Challenge to start! How will this work? From today, July 10th, to Tuesday, August 1st, anyone interested in participating should attempt to speed run...

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    Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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  • InterroDictionary

    Team Interrobang has a long and rich history of inside jokes and memes. This section will help to define them for new members of the team and community.


    The Admin Bus

    A picture of the admin bus. Arcanus is driving with Apollo behind him. Bakkster, ellice, and MONDO are sitting, waiting for the abuse to end. The blood and headset of a scout are splattered across the front bumper, signifying another victim of the powers of the admin bus.

    What began as a shorthand way of saying admin abuse, quickly evolved into an Interromeme. This meme began to be used synonymously with abuse of admin powers and admins threatening to misuse their tools (usually in non-harmful ways). It now refers to a real object that admins can use to run over people with it's unyielding power. The Admin Bus can not be stopped. It will flatten anyone that get's in the way of the admins achieving personal gratification at other's expense. There are few who can control the beast, especially the FAs and SAs.

    "I blame Apollo"

    Apollo is the cause of everything bad that happens ever. Best to blame him early, so it's clear to everyone. This phrase came out of the early days of Team Interrobang when there were often failures in implementing new features. As Arcanus was away and Andrew ragequit, Apollo was often the only one able to do work on servers.

    The "Oink" Rule

    Anyone instantly liked by many team members is invariably going to become a huge douchebag. This rule received its name from a member that joined very quickly during a time when the team enjoyed his presence. This is the reason for many of the waiting requirements on applications.
    For reference, see Surprised Face, a.k.a. Oink 2.0.

    The Taint Bat

    Arcanus has the market cornered on the Taintbat.

    Created by Arcanus to scare off aspiring Eagle Scouts at camp. Makes Lumbee moist.


    To indicate a bad joke, Arcanus would make the "ba-dum-chee" noise of a rimshot. Some non-native English speakers were unfamiliar with this colloquialism and Arcanus began using "ZING!" instead which was apparently easier to understand. Also, "ZING!" tends to work better in text than *Rimshot*.

    Everyone knows that's Spooner!

    Spooner has a collective of mannerisms that many are familiar with, but some are still surprised by some of the typical things he does. Oddgo took to a phrase in such situations, jauntily singing the lyrics, "Everyone knows that's Spooner!". Then NovaDenizen picked the tune up, and Spooner once again found joy in his good-natured trolling.

    VB got us banned from Convict Gaming

    After a new recruit showed up after fleeing the CvG servers, he let us know ahead of time that he'd been banned on their servers. The reason? Advertising a Minecraft server other than theirs. The team took to railing on CvG for their stupidity, with Virgin Bride taking the lead by making a field trip to their servers, as well as posting the following in their forum.
    Hello everyone,I was referred to your community by someone who had fun with our community and then ended up an admin as a part of yours...FILL SERVER OR BE I decided to check out convict gaming.I haven't seen much in server yet...$15 out of $700...and I'm used to my own set of servers...You don't want advertisements, I understand weak groups don't like competition...But since VC is no longer here, how about you all take a trip to our servers?Oh, and we have been talking about all of you: free to ban my friends list as you so wish. I'll point you to our public roster for the rest. -VBThe end result was that, in fact, they DID ban his entire friends list. As well as anyone in any of the TI Steam groups he was a member of.

    VB, we salute you.

    In-Game: Team Fortress 2


    Any non-standard form of game play. This includes, but is not limited to: low-gravity, melee only, sandvich parties, spy-crabbing, etc.

    Charlemagne The Stabby Ghost

    Charlemagne was originally coined while team member PurpleDrank was talking about a friend being mugged in Charlotte, NC. Arcanus believed they had heard "Charlemagne" instead of Charlotte and interpreted his friend having been shanked by the ghost of the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. Arcanus then switched to spy, rename himself "Charlemagne, the Stabby Ghost" and use his admin powers to noclip and backstab people on the opposing team as a re-enactment of what must have happened to PurpleDrank's friend. These re-enactments occur periodically, sometimes aided by the beacon command, but have been confounded by the team's tag protection plugin which screams like bloody hell if the tag's removed.

    Oh, God! Flares!

    This particular joke comes for the homing plugin. When the plugin was reinstalled in the fall of 2009 the Heavy was able to use his minigun to shoot full-auto flares that homed onto the opposing team. The exclamation uttered by the resulting rain of fiery death was "Oh, God! Flares!"

    Chef's Heroes

    Chef Grantisimo has a running joke that someone is his hero. Said hero is fleeting, though, as there are no metrics with which to actually measure one's hero potential. He can also have multiple heroes per game, depending on the awesomeness of the hero of the moment.

    Merc'ing Bitches

    This term was first coined by Arcanus during an early round of Prophunt. Literally it means to kill all the remaining pyros in Prophunt (as the final surviving prop gets a scattergun). Ideally, the remaining scout and dead scouts will taunt and harass pyros for being 'bitches' and getting 'merc'd'.

    VB's Hourly Message

    VirginBride likes to make server announcements about the Team forums. These are usually done during a state of intoxication and are usually much more frequent than hourly. Sometimes these "hourly" messages are just minutes or even seconds apart. They tend to devolve as the night (and Virgin's BAC) goes on.

    Beers' Rules

    During a session on server #1 on 7 Dec 2009 There were a number of rules that were adopted for [!?]beers and only for him. These rules would be applied daily in order to force him to come to Chicago and meet other TI members. These rules were considered humane (regardless of how cruel) because he was still able to keep his blanket.
    The rules follow in no particular order:

    • No longer able to use the word "The"
    • Having to always face Chicago
    • No longer allowed to wear pants
    • Having to wear a shirt that says "I like balls!" in a happy voice.
    • Being forced to wear a hat that says Capt. Date Rapist
    • Required to listen to "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", and singing it loudly every 5th time
    • No longer being able to dream while sleeping
    • Having to wear a car alarm that goes off when he is touched by another person
    • Being forced to wear an over sized panda backpack stuffed with large, black, glow-in-the-dark dildos that he has to throw at random people
    • No longer able to drink alcohol
    • Only allowed to drink 12oz of beer a day
    • No longer allowed to read
    • Required every minute to sprint towards Chicago for 20 sec


    During a game of 2Fort, Klempky asked Doctor (whose in game name was Doctor {Blurgolorph!}) what the Blurgolorph sound was, and what it meant. After saying it over microphone, Doctor informed Klempky that it was the mating call of the Doctor. Quite soon, Doctor was busy scaring Klempky by making the call over voice chat and through various all-broadcast admin commands.

    In-Game: Minecraft

    Oh, God! Chickens!

    After the Player Damage update to Minecraft, Doctor killed RGK, though it was admittedly largely on accident. In reply, RGK later spawned a small group of chickens inside Doctor's house, simply to toy with Doctor's immense rage held for chickens. After clearing the chickens from his home, Doctor returned to his project at the time, a large sky-ship-air-pirate-boat. On his sky-ship-air-pirate-boat, Doctor found more chickens and started crying. Sonicx and Kaiser were also upon Doctor's sky-ship-air-pirate-boat. All of a sudden, there seemed to be endless waves of chickens spawning on this sky-ship-air-pirate-boat. Kaiser had meant to continue toying with Doctor's chicken rage by spawning five hundred (500) chickens atop the sky-ship-air-pirate-boat. However, due to a faulty "0" key, there were five THOUSAND (5,000) chickens spawned atop the sky-ship-air-pirate-boat. The server broke after giving Doctor, Kaiser, and Sonicx truly terrifying views of an innocent sky-ship-air-pirate-boat coated with thousands of chickens.

    Lowercase X....Uppercase D

    After teasing Kaiser with Text-To-Speech binds, Sezco tried to make the TTS say smileys. The result was "Lowercase Ex.....Uppercase Dee" spoken by Microsoft Anna.

    At The Space Jam....All Right

    While playing with Text-To-Speech Binds, Sezco played "Do your dance with your Sonic fancy pants, at the space jam. All right." This joke continued all night in the Minecraft Vent channel by appending any and all jokes with "At the space jam....All right". This became increasingly funny as the the night went on and the people in-channel got more tired.

    Famous Last Words and Quotes

    Caboose Likes It When He's Gagged

    During a game of Prophunt, Caboose made a comment about liking Interrocam when he was gagged.

    "Guys, I'm all out of Spanish"

    This was Flamed Demon at our second drunken shenanigans where he was wasted enough to "run out of Spanish".


    During a discussion on the application threshold VirginBride recommended tabling the discussion until fall, as the team needed more data before making a decision to raise the bar. Impulse Nine responded by saying "IKEA THIS BITCH", meaning he seconded the motion. This was then turned around to mean "Motion to table discussion" by VirginBride

    "I'm playing this on an etch-a-sketch"

    Summer of 2009 on 2Fort:
    Lumbeeman: Anybody got any I7's?Lumbeeman: No I7's?HellFighter: It costs too much to go from what I have now to an I7.Lumbeeman: Ah, I went from a 600 to an I7 and this thing is sweet.Mattybee: You know what guys, I got you all beat, I'm playing this on an etch-a-sketch.


    Caboose was being picked on in the Ventrilo channel and reportedly said:
    Caboose: Well, I am rubber and you're a dick.Crasian: Watch for the rebound shot...

    "Shut Up Shas!"

    Inspired by Agent Monkfish's "How could this happen to me" clip being played each time Shas complained. Bevo, often annoyed by Shas's constant whining, began with a simple, yet effective, "Shut up Shas". It was not long before it was caught on by other team members, eventually causing the creation of a steam group, and the T.I. "Shut up Shas" t-shirt.

    "Shut Up Caboose!"

    Inspired by "Shut Up Shas!", everything above can be applied to Caboose as well, it works just the same.

    "Teleporter goes to C"

    Verikon constructed a teleporter to the C point on Gravel Pit before his team has captured A or B. In the video ( ), the following series of events occurs:
    Verikon wrenches his teleporter and dispenser.Sentry Gun takes the tele and proceeds to eat a Sandvich and spam the "Thanks" voice command for quite some time.Problem? takes the teleporter as scout. "Ooooohh..."DoubleDragn: "... Teleporter goes to C...."Hilarity ensues.

    WM + 1

    Caboose made a joke about the Demoman being the new W + M1 class with the Charging Targe and Eyelander but messed up in saying it and said "WM + 1" instead.

    Forum Culture

    "Lock it 'cuz you don't like it?"

    A thread begun on 11 Nov 2008 in reference to administrators locking controversial or flame-ridden threads. Usually referred to in jest. Usually.

    Making accusations against Arcanus is like making them against Santa Claus

    This thread, created by an unknowing pubber with a broken microphone brought lots of lolz and barell rolls our way. This quote from MONDO that corrected the pubber's sentence:
    " ...I'm wondering if this is the kind of good soul that helps START T.I., SUPPORT T.I., MANAGE T.I., LEAD T.I., EMBODY WHAT THE IDEAL MEMBER OF T.I. IS..."
    Followed by lots of trolling gave birth to TheChief's epic reply: "Oh man, I go to work for two days and Arcanus of all people stirs up trouble on the servers. I think we should censure him, Arcanus could you take care of this? Glad you guys found a way through this. Making accusations against Arcanus is like making them against Santa Clause."

    You Have A Nice Rack...Of Swords

    This picture of Bunki spawned the reply by Pandarsenic "You have a nice rack...of swords" (because of the rack of Japanese swords in the background.) A month later this picture of Bunki was posted and the response from Xhlz was the same, despite the swords being absent. Which led to Pandarsenic making the joke again and getting shot.


    After posting this nigh unreadable thread about drama on the team, Gilly was flamed back to the stone age by team members. Due to the unreadable nature of the original thread Shas'O Faiz posted this response:
    "Oh god, the sentence structure, the spelling, the familiar...
    ...He's been infected by SuperJoe. Jesus Christ, they've WEAPONIZED SUPERJOE.
    We're DOOMED"
    It is reported that [/mediawiki/index.php?title=OnaZ OnaZ] actually laughed at this and then complimented Shas.

    WTF Drama

    A semi-serious thread, where TheChief asked about our long-since-ditched "forum karma" system, which was mostly used for silliness, and why he had -1 karma. MONDO's immortal phrase, "Actually, the system would have a bit more worth if you could click on your karma and see who gave you the +'s and the -'s... you can't fix what you don't know is broken" was quoted several times, littlekitty thought it "This post is pretty :D... pretty awesome!", and the rest was history.
    The thread immediately devolved into the creation of a quote pyramid, but it didn't stop there. The calls for science (i.e., trying to break the forum via quotes) led to mind-bending madness: Pants posted a screenshot of quoteboxes, quoting screenshots of quotes, as a reply, which was eventually quoted. Later parts of the thread actually cause 500 errors. If your browser can handle it, it was eventually locked by MONDO, whose immortal words were buried under hundreds of quotes somewhere above his post.
    It comes up on a regular basis when things get complicated, when a lot of people agree, or sometimes just for the hell of it. Not everyone approves, but most people look on it with wistful nostalgia.
    An example can be seen here.

    Kage Getting Stabbed

    At the beginning of every round Kage would get stabbed in TTT regardless of whether or not he was a traitor. This repetitive RDM of Kage left a long standing joke between the TTT regulars of Kage getting stabbed.