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  • Team Interro Done Quick - Summer 2017

    SGDQ just completed another fantastic summer event so now it's our turn, again. It's time for the Team Interro Done Quick - Summer Challenge to start! How will this work? From today, July 10th, to Tuesday, August 1st, anyone interested in participating should attempt to speed run...

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    Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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  • Game Server Info

    -This is meant to be a floating page for the sake of hanging onto info-

    Non Game Servers

    TeamSpeak Channel

    T.I. Web Chat

    Active Games

    These are games for which we currently host 24/7 servers. You can find all sorts of information related to the servers and their operations here.
    Sourcebans covers our TF2 and Gmod servers
    This is our master community Steam Group

    Team Fortress 2

    Player Statistics
    Server Status
    Server Demos


    Server 1 - Payload (
    Server 2 - 24/7 2fort (
    Server 3 - Arena (
    Server 4 - 24/7 Double Cross (
    Server 5 - 24/7 Turbine (
    Server 6 - Control Point (
    Server 7 - King of the Hill (
    Server 8 - Dodgeball (
    Server 9 - MGE mod (
    Server 10 - Versus Saxton Hale (
    Server 11 - x10 Payload (
    Server 12 - Private event and test server

    Garry's Mod

    Game Servers
    Player Statistics
    Server Demos
    Steam Group


    'Server 1 - Sandbox ('
    'Server 2 - Trouble in Terrorist Town ('
    'Server 3 - Cinema ('
    'Server 4 - Event/Test ('

    Ulx Commands

    In order to better understand the commands available to our admins, we bring you this section. What follows is a detailed breakdown of all commands available on the servers, which admin groups have access, how to type the command in various ways, and what exact effect the commands will have.
    Admins, please note:
    If a command can take multiple targets, it will usually let you use the keywords '*' for target all, '^' to target yourself, '@' for target your picker, and '%' for targetting groups. IE,ulx slap %user slaps all players who are in the default guest access group. Any of these keywords can be preceded by '!' to negate it. IE, ulx slap !^ slaps everyone but you. You can also separate multiple targets by commas. IE, ulx slap bob,jeff,henry. All commands must be preceded by "ulx ", ie "ulx slap" if typed in console.
    Typing "ulx help" in console or !help in chat will print these commands and their details into console. Good for a quick reference. Most commands can be controlled via the ULX menu. To access, type "ulx menu" in console or !menu in chat. I would recommend binding a key to this command.

    Quick reference for common commands
    "ulx bring {player}" - Brings a player to you.*
    "ulx gag/mute *" - Mutes/gags everyone on the server(including yourself).
    "ulx gag/mute !^" - Mutes/gags everyone on the server except yourself.
    "ulx gag/mute !%admin" - Mutes/gags everyone except for the admins on the server.
    "ulx kick {player} {reason}" - Kicks a player from the server.
    "ulx unmute/ungag *" - Unmutes/ungags everyone.
    "ulx unmute/ungag !^" - Unmutes/ungags the server.
    "ulx unmute/ungag !%admin" - Unmutes/ungags all the non admins who were muted.
    "ulx command" = console command
    (!command) = chat command
    * = Only available to JAs on TTT
    "ulx acall {text}" (@ac) - Sends a distress call to the chat room.
    "ulx asay {text}" (@) - Sends a message to all connected admins.
    "ulx help" (!help) - Prints the ULX help information in console. It lists all commands and how to input them.
    "ulx motd" (!motd) - Shows the servers message of the day.
    "ulx thetime" (!thetime) - Shows you the server time.
    "ulx usermanagementhelp" - See the user management help.
    "ulx who" - Shows the Steam IDs and access of all connected players.
    Junior Admins
    "ulx bring {player}" (!bring) - Brings a player to you.*
    "ulx chattime {time}" - Changes the number of seconds allowed between text chat messages.
    "ulx csay {text}" (@@@) - Displays a message in the center of the screen for all players.
    "ulx gag {player}" (!gag) - Disables a players voice/mic chat.
    "ulx gimp {player}" (!gimp) - Gimps a targets so that they can't use text chat normally.
    "ulx kick {player} {reason}" (!kick) - Kicks a player from the server.
    "ulx map {map} {gamemode}" (!map) - Changes the map and game mode. If no game mode is specified, it goes to the server default.
    "ulx mute {player}" (!mute) - Disables a players ability to text chat. Doesn't stop admin messages.
    "ulx showmotd" - Shows the MOTD to players on startup.
    "ulx spectate {player}" (!spectate) - Spectate a specified player.
    "ulx tsay {text}" (@@) - Sends a message to everyone via the chat window.
    "ulx ungag {player}" (!ungag) - Ungags a player.
    "ulx ungimp {player}" (!ungimp) - Ungimps a player.
    "ulx unmute {player}" (!unmute) - Unmutes a player.
    "ulx veto" (!veto) - Vetos a successful votemap.
    "ulx vote {title} {option1} {option2} (repeat for more options)" (!vote) - Creates a public vote.
    "ulx votekick {player}" (!votekick) - Starts a public vote to kick a player.
    "ulx votemap {map}" (!votemap) - Vote for a map. No args lists available maps.*
    "ulx votemap2 {map} (repeat for more options)" (!votemap2) - Starts a public map vote.*

    Full/Senior Admins
    "ulx addgroup {group} [{inherits from}]" - Creates a new group with optional inheritance.
    "ulx adduser {player} {group} [{immunity}]" - Adds a player to a specific group with an optional immunity.
    "ulx adduserid {Steam ID, IP, or Unique ID} {group}" - Adds a player to a specific group via their ID.
    "ulx armor {player} {armor:0-255}" (!armor) - Gives set amount of armor to target player.
    "ulx ban {player} {} {reason}" (!ban) - Bans a player from the server for a set amount of time. Zero is permanent. Typing the time in a format such as 1d/3d/or 7d will automatically convert the time to minutes.
    "ulx banid {Steam ID} {} {reason}" (!banid) - Bans a player from the server via Steam ID. Typing the time in a format such as 1d/3d/or 7d will automatically convert the time to minutes.
    "ulx blind {player} {amount: 0-255}" (!blind) - Blinds a player.
    "ulx cexec {player} {command}" (!cexec) - Runs a command on console of target(s).
    "ulx cloak {player (defaults to self)} {amount: 0-255}" (!cloak) - Cloaks a player.
    "ulx ent {class name} [{flag}:{value}]" - Spawn an ent.
    "ulx exec {file}" - Executes a file from the server cfg directory.
    "ulx freeze {player}" (!freeze) - Stops a player from moving.
    "ulx god {player (defaults to self)}" (!god) - Grants god mode to a player.
    "ulx goto {player}" (!goto) - Go to a player.
    "ulx groupallow {group} {command} [{access tag}]" - Add to a groups access.
    "ulx groupdeny {group} {command}" - Remove from a groups access.
    "ulx hp {player} {amount: 0-1000}" (!hp) - Sets the amount of health a player has.
    "ulx ignite {player} {time in sec: 0-300 (defaults to 300)}" (!ignite) - Engulfs a player in flames. Damages.
    "ulx jail {player} {time in sec}" - Imprisons a player in a cage. Defaults to zero which is permanent.
    "ulx luarun {command}" - Executes lua code in the console. Use '=' for output.
    "ulx maul {player}" (!maul) - Summons a hoard of fast zombies to maul a player.
    "ulx noclip {player (defaults to self)}" (!noclip) - Grants noclip to a player.
    "ulx playsound {sound}" - Plays a sound file to all players. Relative to sound directory.
    "ulx ragdoll {player}" (!ragdoll) - Turns a player into a ragdoll.
    "ulx rcon {command}" (!rcon) - Executes a command on the server console.
    "ulx removegroup {group}" - Removes a group.
    "ulx removeuser {player}" - Removes a specific players access.
    "ulx removeuserid {Steam ID, IP, or Unique ID}" - Removes a specifc players access via ID.
    "ulx renamegroup {current group} {new group}" - Renames a group.
    "ulx rslots {number}" - Sets the number of reserved slots. Only available in modes 1 and 2.
    "ulx rslotsmode {number}" - Sets the mode reserved slots should follow. See server.ini for full details.
    "ulx rslotsvisible" - Sets if reserved slots are visible. See server.ini for full details.
    "ulx send {player} {player}" (!send) - Send one player to another.
    "ulx setgroupcantarget {group} [{target string}]" - Sets what a group is allowed to target.
    "ulx slap {player} {damage amount (defaults to none)" (!slap) - Slaps a player for set amount of damage.
    "ulx slay {player}" (!slay) - Kills a player.
    "ulx sslay {player}" (!sslay) - Silently kills a player.
    "ulx strip {player}" (!strip) - Removes weapons from a player.
    "ulx teleport [{player}, {player (defaults to self)}"] (!teleport) - Teleports a player.
    "ulx unban {Steam ID}" (!unban) - Unbans a player using Steam ID.
    "ulx unblind {player}" (!unblind) - Unblinds a player.
    "ulx uncloak {player}" (!uncloak) - Uncloaks a player.
    "ulx unfreeze {player}" (!unfreeze) - Unfreezes a player.
    "ulx ungod {player}" (!ungod) - Removes god mode from a player.
    "ulx unignite {player}" (!unignite) - Extinguishes a player.
    "ulx unigniteall" (!unigniteall) - Extinguishes all players/ent.
    "ulx unjail {player}" (!unjail) - Releases a player from jail.
    "ulx unragdoll {player}" (!unragdoll) - Returns a ragdolled player to normal.
    "ulx userallow {player} {command}" - Allows a player access to a command.
    "ulx userallowid {Steam ID, IP, or Unique ID} {command}" - Allows a player access to a command via ID.
    "ulx userdeny {player} {command}" - Removes a players access to a command.
    "ulx userdenyid {Steam ID, IP, or Unique ID} {command}" - Removes a players access to a command via ID.
    "ulx voteban {player} {time in min. (def. 1440)}" (!voteban) - Starts a public vote to ban target player.
    "ulx welcomemessage {text}" - Sets the message displayed to players on join.
    "ulx whip {player} {times: 2-100 (def. 10)} {damage (def. 0)}" (!whip) - Slaps a player multiple times, giving the set damage each time.

    General TTT Guidelines

    TTT Rules and Information
    In TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town), you are pitted against Traitors. These Traitors will kill the Innocents without getting caught, and as an Innocent it is your job to find and kill them.There is usually one Traitor for every four players (1/4 of the players are Traitors). There is one Detective for every two Traitors. As a Detective, you have a DNA Scanner, and you can hunt down Traitors with this. As a Traitor or Detective, you have an equipment menu which can be accessed by pressing your context key (Default C). You can buy items with credits. As a Traitor, you gain credits by killing many Innocents. As a Detective, you gain credits by killing Traitors. Players often shorten "Traitor" to "T". Used in a sentence: "I think h4xx0r is a T."
    You can use the quick commands menu for generic call outs like "Person is a Traitor." or "Hitler is acting suspicious." The menu can be accessed any time in game using the Suit Zoom key (Default Z) and a players name is automatically inserted into the call out by simply by looking at them. You can use your Item Spawning Menu key to drop weapons (Default Q).
    KOS (Kill on Sight) It is presumed that the subject is a Traitor and should therefore be killed. Please note though, that not all KOS are accurate, and players should use common sense or ask for proof when another player is called out. Used in a sentence: "KOS Buttmuncher, he shot me". Example of a situation when you can KOS someone: You see a player kill an innocent player. Example 2: You are a Detective and the DNA Scanner leads you to someone who has killed an Innocent.
    RDM (Random Death Match) This is when a player attacks another player for no reason. Used in a sentence: "360noscopezzXX RDMed me." Example of RDM: Shooting a player if you have no proof of him/her being a Traitor.
    AFK (Away from keyboard) This is when a player is in-game, but not actively playing. It is in the best practice to notify players in-game that you will be AFK. If you will be away for awhile (more than a minute) please go to spectate. Used in a sentence: "omgiluvbieberxx is AFK."
    You may want to type in console; bind KEYNAME ttt_print_damagelog When you press said key in the pre-round stage or post-round stage, it will print damagelogs of the past round in the console. This is useful for finding RDMers. Example: bind i ttt_print_damagelog
    If there is not an admin in the server nor is there one available on your Steam friends list, you can send a distress message to the Team Interrobang chat room, where admins tend to hang out, by using the command @ac YOUR_MESSAGE. Abuse of this feature is frowned upon and offenders may be punished.
    Karma is used to determine whether you are a liability or not. When you first join the server, your karma will be 900. The maximum karma is 1,000, and you are auto-banned for 24 hours if your karma goes below 600. You gain karma by damaging the opposing team but can lose karma by damaging your own team.


    Live Map
    Server Whitelist Request Guidelines
    Steam Group
    Activity Log *Outdated*


    At the present, TI hosts one server that is split into four worlds. Before you join we ask that you read our rules. Thank you.

    Multiverse Server
    Anyone may join this server, but specific worlds require whitelist approval. they will be pointed out below.
    At present, this server contains 4 separate worlds accessible via the Multiverse plugin (doors at each world's spawn point):

    CreativeOld: You may recall the old creative server that served us well from the very beginning of TI Minecraft. It is now archived here, which means that you are still able to explore it, but you cannot build or destroy anything.
    RPGOld: The old TI RPG server is also archived here in the same fashion as CreativeOld.
    CreativeNew: The new Creative server. Creative mode is enabled as well as extra Essentials commands described here. *needs whitelist approval*
    Survival: The PvE server geared towards adventure and survival. PvP is disabled. *needs whitelist approval*
    RPGNew: This server makes use of several plugins to enhance the vanilla mine craft experience and give players tons of options to continue playing for a long time. It does not have a white list and is open to the public, it is also PvP enabled.
    Lobby: From here you can enter Survival games arenas and fight with your friends in a battle to the last man standing.
    Hub: The hub is a world that contains portals to all the other worlds and will act as main spawn for the server.
    Mod Server
    Anyone may join this server.
    This server is running Feed the Beast lite 1.2.3.

    The majority of in-game communication happens on our TeamSpeak server.

    Commands (Essentials)

    Here's a quick guide to Essentials commands. They're grouped by access level. All commands are inherited by their parent group - everything listed under 'Approved' carries over to JA, and so on.
    Commands that are blue are creative-only.

    /help - Displays a list of Essentials commands.
    /info - Displays information about the server.
    /me - Allows you to emote.
    "/me slaps Spooner - > *kaiser slaps spooner"
    /motd - Displays the message of the day.
    /msg, /whisper, /tell, /m - All allow you to send a private message to another player.
    "/ "
    /rules - Displays the server rules.
    /hat - Find out for yourself. ;)
    /hat remove - Undo the hat.
    /spawn - Teleports you to the world's spawn point.
    /tp - Teleport directly to a player.
    "/tp "
    "/tp "
    /nick - Changes your display name.
    "/nick "
    /back - Returns you to your last position prior to a teleport.
    /jump - Teleports you to the point selected by your crosshair.
    /top - Teleports you to the highest block at your current location.
    /sethome - Sets your home location. Think of this as a personal spawn point.
    /delhome - Removes your home.
    /setwarp - Sets a warp point. You can create as many of these as you'd like, but please try to be neat about it and delete any out of date warps.
    "/setwarp "
    /warp - Teleports you to an existing warp point.
    "/warp "
    /delwarp - Deletes a warp point.
    "/delwarp "
    /time - Controls the time across the entire server.
    "/time "
    /ptime - Controls only your personal time setting. Use @ before the time specification (second example) to make it freeze at that exact time. Logging out will refresh this setting.
    "/ptime night"
    "/ptime @noon"

    Junior Admins
    /kick - Kicks a player from the server.
    "/kick "
    /mute - Toggles mute on a specified player.
    "/mute "
    /ping - Replies with 'Pong!'. Used to ensure essentials.jar is working properly.
    /powertool - Assigns a command to the item in your hand.
    "/powertool "
    /whois - Displays information about a player.

    /ban - Bans a player from the server.
    "/ban "
    /unban - Unbans a player from the server.
    "/unban "
    /plugin - Allows you to start, stop, or reload a plugin.
    "/ "
    /spawnmob - Spawns mobs. Limit of 10 because chickens.
    "/spawnmob "
    /disguise - Disguises you as a mob. Note that other FA/SAs can see past your disguise. It looks pretty silly.
    "/disguise "
    /broadcast - Broadcasts a message to all players.
    "/broadcast "
    /setspawn - Sets the world's spawn to your location. Don't do this without consulting an SA please.
    /kickall - Kicks all players from the server.
    FAs and SAs have access to Voxelsniper, which you can read about here. Note that large brush sizes are fully capable of crashing the server.

    Killing Floor

    Steam Group
    Server Status


    "Team Interrobang's Killing Floor" - Normal, Long (

    Inactive Games

    These are games we hosted servers for at one point or another. The setup may still exist on our servers so if you wish to play these games with the T.I. community, just ask an FA/SA to turn it on.

    Battlefield 1942

    This was run for Game of the Month: November 2013 [1]

    Battlefield 3

    This game was introduced to the team around October, 2011 by Bevo and Caboose. [2] It was up for about a month but never gained enough community interest to keep funds channeled to it. Thus it was shut down.
    A server was also started up for Game of the Month June 2014, but was not set up as an official TI server.



    This game was set up for Game of the Month - March.

    Counter-Strike Gobal Offensive

    This game was introduced to the team in February, 2014 after a Town Hall discussion.


    12 slot (

    Counter-Strike: Source

    Fisful of Frags

    A server was set up for Game of the Month August 2014

    Server Info

    I.P. Please note that to launch the server, you must use the command prompt like so: (srcds.exe -game fof)

    Star Wars Battlefront II

    This was run for Game of the Month: January 2014. [3]


    This game was introduced to the team in December, 2013 due to public interest in the pre-release beta of the game. [4]

    no password

    Team Fortress Classic

    This was run for Game of the Month: September 2013 [5]


    This game was introduced to the team in October, 2013 due to public interest after the 1.2 update. [6]. After the initial excitement faded, the server was shut down to make way for Starbound.

    The Ship

    A server was set up for Game of the Month July 2014.

    Server Info Please note that to launch the server, you must use the command prompt like so: (srcds.exe -game ship)

    Unreal Tournament (1999)

    This game was introduced to the team during Game of the Month: February 2014 _autonumber_ and due to the popularity, was kept on.

    Server Info

    "Team Interrobang Unreal Tournament"
    Password is "interro"

    Unreal Tournament 2004

    A server was set up for a random event.

    Server Info

    IP: Password: TIUT2004