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  • Recruiting And Responsibilities


    Usage note: Admin and team member are used interchangeably. A community member is someone who participates in TI activities regardless of admin status. A team member is any junior, full, or senior admin.


    All Members

    • Enforce Server Policy - Membership is an endorsement of our rules. Failing to enforce our rules breaks the value exchange of membership.
    • Participate in Team Community - Active membership involves participating in media beyond the team game servers. Members are expected to review applicants, participate in team policy votes, and notify the admin corps of game server issues.
    • Promote Positive Gameplay - Games should be fun. Inclusive enjoyment should not be impeded by the team and ideas for and participation in novel play should be promoted.

    Senior and Full Admins

    • Maintain Team Resources - The activities of the team cannot occur without properly maintained team resources. These resources include webpage, game servers, mumble server, chat server, donations and intellectual property.
    • Represent Team in Interactions with Other Entities - The team exists within a large community that includes competitive play, gaming competitions and other cross-team interactions.
    • Monitor Membership - All members monitor non-member participation but it is the job of the team Full and Senior Admins to perform investigations of other members including other Full and Senior Admins.
    • Steer Team - Egalitarian policy requires watching that core values are observed when encountering something for which there is no precedent.

    Admin Access

    Admin access is tied to a specific Steam account and to a specific operator. Should an account not be used strictly by a single person in all team interactions, admin powers may be suspended.
    To further the value of empowerment and provide a better player experience, powers will be expanded to each group where possible and shall not be reduced below those specifically listed. Should a power prove burdensome or frequently misused that power may be removed. These powers will be specifically documented in a way reasonably viewable by all team members. Abilities may be expanded at any time by approval of 2/3rds of Senior Admins and an appropriate post to the team forums. Additional access may be granted to an individual with approval of 2/3rds of Senior Admin and must be posted at least to the Full and Senior Admin-only forums.

    All Admins

    • Access to a team-only forum
    • Ability to block inappropriate or disruptive communication in server
    • Ability to remove disruptive players from a server
    • Ability to initiate votes to change server configurations where appropriate
    • Ability to vote on new members

    Full Admins

    • Access to a Full and Senior Admin-only forum
    • Ability to participate in the ban process
    • Ability to change some elements of server configuration across all servers
    • Ability to fully change the configuration of some servers

    Senior Admins

    • Ability to suspend applications, return requests, and promotions to perform a timely investigation of a possible infraction.
    • Ability to modify almost all aspects of server configuration with appropriate team authorization

    Requirements For Becoming a Team Member (Junior Admin)

    1. Be able to maintain a positive server environment and show an understanding of the team's rules.
    2. Be at least 16 years old. Team Fortress 2 is rated M and discussions involving adult themes are not uncommon. Members under 16 don't often receive sufficient community respect to implement server rules.
    3. Own and be able use a microphone. An applicant need not always talk, but team members sometimes need to enforce order on a server.
    4. Accumulate at least 24 hours of play time on Team Interrobang's Team Fortress 2 and or Garry's Mod servers over a period of at least 30 days.
    5. Be a member of the team Steam Group

    Selection Process
    Register on the forums and in the Recruitment Forum create a post that includes the following:

    1. A link to yourself on our HLStatsX page
    2. Your age
    3. The servers you usually play on
    4. What time(s) of day you typically play (helps members find you to get to know you)
    5. What you will add to the team and why you wish to join Team Interrobang

    Receive net approval (+1s minus -1s) from at least 13 team members over a minimum period of 14 days or receive net approval from at least 9 team members at the end of a period of 28 days. An application may be suspended to investigate a violation of application, server or team rules. The thread will be locked and marked "suspended" until a timely investigation is completed. Once completed, the results of the investigation shall be published in a way visible to all team members.

    1. An application that does not meet the voting threshold after 28 days will be retired. Applicants may also withdraw their application at any time by contacting a Full or Senior Admin. A non-member may reapply any number of times.
    2. Votes will only be counted if the vote employs an explicit vote mechanism. A member may change his or her vote any time before voting on an applicant ends.
    3. The net approvals required (approvals minus disapprovals) will be set to 1/6th the active membership at least once every three months.
    4. Thread for the current voting thresholds and rules at any given time:

    Requirements For Becoming Full Admin

    • Be an active member for six or more months.
    • Demonstrate the ability to competently and consistently enforce server rules.
    • Consistently participate in team activities.
    • Show interest and ability in developing new members.
    • Show interest and ability in managing some part of team operations.

    Selection Process

    • No less than once every three months the team shall be solicited for commentary on who should and should not be reviewed for Full Admin. Feedback will be accepted for at least one week.
    • After the comment period, the combined Full and Senior Admins will review the feedback and come up with a list of potential Full Admins.
    • Any confirmed name will be subject to a vote of the combined Full and Senior Admins where anyone receiving 2/3rds of the vote will be accepted.
    • Potential Full Admins will be asked to confirm their interest in serving and may be solicited for additional information.

    Requirements For Becoming Senior Admin

    • Be an active member for a year or more and have served as a Full Admin for at least six months.
    • Demonstrate the ability to competently and consistently enforce server rule.
    • Consistently participate in team activities and propose or implement novel ways to improve the team.
    • Show interest and ability in developing new and existing members

    Selection Process

    • No less than once every six months the team shall be solicited for commentary on who should and should not be reviewed for Senior Admin. Recommendations will be accepted for at least one week.
    • After the comment period, the combined Full and Senior Admins will review the feedback and come up with a list of potential Senior Admins.
    • Any confirmed name will be subject to a vote of the combined full and senior admins where anyone receiving 2/3rds of the vote will be accepted.


    • Inactive - A team member who has not played on a Team Interrobang public server in at least the last 60 days will be moved to the Inactive Roster.
    • Removal from team due to inactivity - a player who has not played on a Team Interrobang public server in over 120 days shall be removed from the team.

    • Return - a player who was moved to the inactive roster may return by playing at least 2 hours in 30 days, and talk to a single SA. A player who has been removed from the team due to activity will need to reapply to regain membership.

    • Restrictions - a member on the inactive roster will lose access to member-only parts of the team's communications structure and will lose his or her in-game admin status and any associated powers and benefits.

    Voluntary Departure - A team member may end his or her membership at any time by posting on the team forums. A player may reverse his or her departure during the week after the post, after which a player must re-apply to return.
    Forced Departure - A team member who chronically fails to fulfill the responsibilities of membership or who commits a server infraction may be removed from the team by a 2/3rds vote from the team Senior Admins. Once a player is removed; the team shall be informed of the removal.

    Changes to Admin Level

    • Voluntary Departure - A Full or Senior Admin may request to step down in his or her level of admin responsibility at any time.

    • Inactivity - An admin that does not participate in the administration of the team may be asked to change their admin level.

    • Forced Departure - A Full or Senior Admin who chronically fails to fulfill the responsibilities of membership or who commits a server infraction may have their admin status reduced by a 2/3rds vote from the team Senior Admins.

    • Emeritus - By 2/3 vote of SAs, a retiring FA or SA can be granted "FA/SA Emeritus" status, which allows them to retain access to FA/SA tools, but lets them to step back from the official responsibilities and duties of a FA or SA.

    Steam Group Admin Guidelines

    Becoming a Steam Group Admin

    • Any team member may request to become a Steam group admin via the team forums. Other players may offer feedback as to whether the person in question would serve as a good steam group admin.
    • After at least a 48-hour public review period, if no negative comments are aired, any Senior Admin may endorse the request and make the team member a steam group admin.

    Posting a Steam Group Event

    Steam Group admins are asked to follow these rules when making an event. Steam group admins who repeatedly fail to follow these rules will lose the status of a Steam group admin.

    • Do not post an event for starting a server with fewer than four people until after making an effort to populate the server via the Steam Friends list. Special events like team events, shenanigans, team performances, or scrimmages are often started with an announcement; this is fine.
    • Announcement text must meet team standards of appropriateness.
    • If making an announcement to revitalize a server with dropping participation, please stay in the server after the announcement is made for a reasonable length of time.
    • Do not make an announcement to start a server if an announcement has already gone out for that server within the past few hours.
    • Do not make an announcement to start a server if an announcement has gone out to start any other server within the past hour.
    • Please only post events in the Steam group for the appropriate game.

    Team Standards


    • Name Change Best Practices

    1. Trivial name changes that are obvious variations on an existing name (changing "TeamMember" to "T34mM3mb3r" or "TeamMember is Awesome" ) are fine as well as changes that are not permanent.
    2. Team members are asked not to change their name frequently, and are asked to avoid imitating other members' names. Frequent name changes or imitation names changes complicate investigations into player incidents and cause confusion.
    3. Players should post permanent name changes in the team forums and include what their name was and what it has been changed to.
    4. Players who change their name excessively are considered to be negligent in their admin duties. As a rule, members must identify themselves in game and on the forums by their primary name when requested or when enforcing non-trivial rules on our public servers.

    • Tags

    1. The official tag of Team Interrobang is "[!?]"
    2. While on Team Interrobang servers this tag must appear first in the name.
    3. Other tags may be worn along with the team tag and may occur anywhere in the name as long as the Team Interrobang tag appears first while on a Team Interrobang Server.

    • Non-Standard Characters - Certain text strings can change the color or rendering of text. These changes can be confusing and often draw away the standard narrative of the server. Team members may not use such strings.


    • Team member sprays must meet minimum standards for appropriateness. Sprays are a server broadcast and follow the same decency rules as speech and text.

    • Sprays may not be used to gain a strategic advantage, as this would violate fairness. Sprays depicting game models such a crouched sniper spray, stickies, a sentry gun, or other images that could mislead a new player are not permitted.

    Actions on Other Servers

    While team rules may not explicitly apply on other servers, one is still a representative of the team when on other servers.

    • Players wearing the team tags while on another server are expected to observe team rules as well as the host server's rules.
    • Players not wearing the team tags are expected to follow the rules for the host server as well as not commit gross violations of team rules. Examples: A player on a server with a higher tolerance for adult content is asked to remove the team tags if that player is broadcasting content well in excess of what would be reasonable on a team server. A player who went to another server and espoused what would be considered hatespeech, hacked, or pass on private team information would be in violation of the team rules regardless of the standard of the host server.
    • Violating the rules of a host server may be treated as if the violation were committed on a team server if the rules were reasonable and the violation excessive.

    Representing Team Interrobang

    Team Interrobang Steam Groups

    1. All Steam Groups with Team Interrobang in their name or groups directly related to team activities must be owned by a Senior Admin.
    2. A player may request a new Team Interrobang Steam Group by posting so on the forums and receiving the approval of at least one Senior Admin with no opposition. The requesting player will be assigned as an admin for that steam group and may create other admin as appropriate.
    3. Steam group admins for groups affiliated with Team Interrobang shall follow all team standards and rules pertaining to Steam groups.

    Other Uses of the Team Interrobang Name

    1. Team Interrobang members are in no way barred from participating in competitive or league play. Members may choose to remove the team tag when competing at their discretion.
    2. If a group wishes to formally represent Team Interrobang and receive support of team resources, all group participants must be Team Interrobang members. The selection process must be inclusive and a Senior Admin must sanction the participation.