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  • Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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    Wacky Maps Night! January 14th @ 7 CST

    Hello again. Are you doing well? It's been awhile since you and I have had some time to talk. Maybe we could get together sometime and catch up for awhile? Please join your fellow team members Barndo and myself in night of merriment and oddities as we go on another wacky maps tour....

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    Bark ...
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    Script to connect to tf2 servers easily:

    alias 1t "connect"
    alias 2t "connect"
    alias 3t "connect"
    alias 4t "connect" ...
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    Hello! My name is Xemgoa (Zem-go-wah) the Psycho. I am a Junior admin for Team Interrobang and I'm ready to help anyone in nee-- STRIP THE FLESH!!

    I'm 26, male, a Poet and a Artist, a Pentecostal, diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, single, and a avid video game enthusiast! I love playing as the Engineer for the "Team Fortress 2" game by Valve! ...
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    I snowboard and work all day, then game and drink all night.

    Typical Nordic family gathering. ...
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    Not much is known about Braelito, but many are sure of this: he looks like a 13-year-old but has a sexy voice. (ask Bevo)

    Braelito can see all three dimensions!
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    "It's Aluminium not Aluminum fuck wits." -Beano 2015


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    In charge of upkeeping the about us section of the website. Known for his interest in medicine and trying to be funny when he is, in fact, not. ...
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    One of Team Interrobang's Founding fathers.

    Can be regularly found in chat most days whilst jerking it to images on one of his 8 screens.

    Contributes ...
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    General Information

    Name: Brent | Alias: Verikon | Occupation: None |
    I've been a video gamer since before high school. The first video game I ever played ...
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    Who is Stiggalicious, you ask? What you should be asking is, "What is Stiggalicious?"

    Here's Stiggalicious trying to undestand the purpose of a cell phone
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    An Earth man, who no more knows his destiny than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India Company, whose name is Spooner. He is a 6'4" tall ape descendant ...
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    About Me

    He wants be the very best, like one ever was...
    Beyond that, he is currently enrolled at Iowa State University working towards a major in Computer Engineering, ...
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    Probably holds the world record for not sleeping. He checked, yes he does. Maybe he should call guiness, or a psychiatrist. ...
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    I was born and raised in Texas, eating mexican food and am currently chillin' in Magnolia, Texas.


    As you could tell I like toys, I


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    Sensei is bringing sexy back

    Known away from the keyboard as Dallas Peterson, Sensei hails from the state-formerly-known-as The Republic of Texas. Raised a single child in rural Texas, Dallas ...
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    TI Biography

    Rhyme Mime joined the team in the summer of 2010. Before his application he played almost exclusively on server 3, but has since ...
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    The Early Years

    The first game I ever played on a computer, followed by Descent- the first mouse look game.

    I started out life as a gamer, and I sure as hell intend to die that way. I started playing video games using my father's Game Boy to play Final Fantasy I & II (I couldn't ever decide on which was better) Then, one day I decided to amble over to his computer and ...


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    RGK's Bio

    Base RGK never leaves his base.

    RGK was accepted to Team Interrobang on November 8th, 2009 after four months of activity on the team's servers. At 17, he was one ...
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    Problem? confuses not only other people, but himself as well

    Problem? is a complexity, wrapped in an enigma. Does that make sense? Hell ...
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    The Man


    Pandarsenic is a mysterious. Uh. Thing. Nobody is entirely sure whether "Pandarsenic" is a poison produced by pandas for use against ...


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    Team Interrobang

    Bottom shelf is the only way to go!


    I started playing TF2 more after the medic update hit. I found my way to Interro servers and kept coming back because of hlstats. I've always liked stats and enjoy seeing a record of my playtime. I split my time between two fort and payload and applied after about five days on the servers.

    Troll Status

    People regarding me as a forum troll has always been something of a mystery to me. I think I can trace the first instance of this phenomena to my infamous flowchart post. My initial goal with the flowchart was to determine what friendships existed on the team. I had observed that something negative would be said about a member and then three other people would jump out to defend them. I wanted to create the flowchart to figure out who would be offended when something negative was said. Unfortunately, many people took my flow chart idea the wrong way.

    Notable Comments from the Flowchart Thread

    arcanus wrote: I can't see how this could possibly breed discontent
    onaz wrote: It seems like you're pretending that this kind of relationship structure doesn't already exist. All I wanted to do was to spell it out.

    mondo wrote:
    There is already a tool in place for this.

    1 - Go to the Roster 2 - Choose a friend from the list 3 - 'hover' over Connections 4 - 'click' on Request Connection
    If you friend accepts, your profile page will show all your friends. I have selected a few to test this and it shows up just fine. If someone doesn't want to be your friend, you can deny their request (ooooooo - drama!), if you get mad at your friend, you can delete the connection (ooooooo - drama!)

    charisma wrote:
    Flow Chart

    Evolution of the "Lock It Cuz You Don't Like It" Threads

    The flowchart thread and other threads around that time led to the creation of the first "Lock It Cuz You Don't Like It" Thread by Mommy. Threads were being locked left and right by admins who thought they were helping but were really only creating more problems.

    I continued to create these threads whenever it was relevant, in an effort to protest the random locking of threads. Locking threads always creates much more drama than it solves and should be avoided whenever possible.

    Trends In Trolling

    Many members write me off as a troll based on the input of other members. There are a few who have taken the time to get to know me and understand that while my opinions often differ from the majority, my main focus is not on trolling. My main focus is on positive policy, server, and team changes which make Interro a better place. I have often been criticized more for the delivery of my comments than the actual content they contain. That is to say that people often agree with what I say, just not how I say it.

    I did ...
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    Mr. Hamster

    Mr. Hamster likes to look his best!

    He applied in the Fall of 2008, but was denied membership. He returned the next February and was accepted to the team. In October ...


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    Gaming before Team Fortress 2

    In mid-1997, I found myself with an excess of personal time and my first "modern" computer - a Packard Bell 133mhz with 32MB of RAM. Although much of my free time was spent dabling in CAD, a friend introduced me to QUAKE. My first PC game was in fact a FPS... which may have ...
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    Leezard, is a prehistoric dinosaur brought back to life with cutting edge technology to build sentries for hours at a time. After dying several bajillion years ago, Leezard had to be enhanced with mechanical ...


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    Luis "LaiR-e" Lopez is a high school grad turned Publix Front Service Clerk who joined TI after being informed about its raditude by IRL friend Leezard. He's known for getting away with being gone for long periods of time, ...
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    James Stewart is a terrible person with no redeeming qualities. He hates Problem? with a passion akin to liquid hot magma. Bevo is okay, as well as Fail and Chayoss.
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    His name

    It's IronHide. He got his name while playing CSS a long time ago - before Team Fortress 2 had even come out. He was on a zombie survival ...


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    The Man

    Impact am Full Admin of Team Interrobang. Impact have been member of Team Interrobang for long, long time, too! Impact oldest active member that not Senior Admin.
    Impact enjoy playing on computer, ...


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    iR0N is a Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter. He is a clone of the famed Jango Fett, created in 32 BBY as the first of ...
        Number of Views: 1394 

    Howitzer, less commonly known as "Lori," is an odd and nearly alien lifeform. It is almost exclusive to the Internet. Only one specimen, a Canadian variety, has been discovered and documented. After a brief but successful ...
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    Gunslinger is an enigma. Few know what he looks like, others are just now witnessing what he sounds like. Many have believed that he is not ...


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    Background & Introduction to Team

    I, Alex, was born and raised in a suburb outside of St. Louis with my sister (9 years older than I), ...


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    Article Preview

    Ellice is a Junior Admin for Team Interrobang. She is 22 years old, has a degree in graphic design (which she considers useless) and a lot of student loans to repay. She also lives ...


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    Eddie is a young man who is only 19 years old. He works in an urgent care center taking care of paperwork and translating for ...
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    - Creating "But I Shas from there" sound clip - Hastily creating his wiki page from work as to not anger boss ...


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    Doctor, who is also known by the moniker of “Conall”, is a strange and fascinating creature. Sightings of the Doctor are rare and usually quickly forgotten, but there are those who remember these sightings, these bizarre meetings. These people have gathered a rather incredible basis of knowledge on this Doctor, and have agreed to ...
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    Dispenser, as photographed byArcanus during the TI Dallas meet.

    Dispenser is a 19 year old, currently residing in Oklahoma ...


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    Devmon or Devmon52 who joined Team Interrobang on July 12th, 2009. He first arived in the Team Interrobang servers while following a friend, while searching for a good ...
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    Danakin's Bio

    Occasionally Danakin grows a preacherbeard. It's pretty disgusting

    Danakin lives in Tennessee with his wife Jillybean. ...
        Number of Views: 1136 

    CrazazyAsian1337 has gotten into college! He currently hangs out on the TI Vent regularly, but has strayed away from his ...
        Number of Views: 1235 


    Crasian's Beginnings

    Some lazy fuck out of Alabama starts this magic thing that some guy gave him (after he had to spend 900 USD, mind) and was instantly frightened by the loud noises
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    Chef Grantisimo's Bio

    Chef is a complicated person. He's funny, goofy, likes to juggle, bakes, cooks and enjoys driving. Chef graduated from culinary school in 2008. It didn't pan out for him professionally ...
        Number of Views: 1451 

    Born in 1988, Captain Charisma is a 22 year old Male from Southern Ontario, Canada. His family emigrated from Middlesex, England. Captain Charisma was born and raised Canadian and has no ...
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    Captain Obvious' Bio


    His real name is CLASSIFIED - TOP SECRET(SCI), so don't you worry about that. He's currently working as a Medic for the United States Air Force. ...
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    He also likes cookies (regular cookies, not VB's)

    Micheal J. Caboose
    Tank specialist and best friend of Church.


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    As time passes, one becomes more and more inept. Blade is an excellent example of this.


    Blade, a younger member of the team, having joined
        Number of Views: 1246 


    I'm 23. I don't know what else to say. I love TI!
    There used to be a lot of Latin text here, and now there's just BB.


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    Here is a not so rare shot of the duck-faced bevopus

    Bevo is renowned for his duck face and jump maps. His major achievements ...


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    A Wild beers Appears

    A placeholder for the time being

    The earliest adopters of this fine alcoholic beverage may recall that it came in several holiday varieties...originally
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    All you need to know is that
    Bakkster is all about Ted Nugent (also the name of his Huntsman) and Shenanigans. Also, Payload.Bakkster is even more ...


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    The Admin

    It's okay to blame him, that's his job

    Apollo was one of the founders of Team Interrobang. Not much else is known about his involvement


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    Agent Monkfish Bio

    He is also the maniacal king of Time Cubes.

    Agent Monkfish was born to Dr. Thomas Monkfish and his wife Martha. Two very ...
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    Admiral Awesome's TF2 History

    I first saw TF2 being played in early August of 2008, at AND4H's. After watching him play Spy on 2fort, I had to try it out for myself. After hearing about the rage that happens on counterstrike and knowing I would be terrible, I wanted the most obnoxious name I could think of (as a sort of self defense). Admiral Awesome was born August 23rd 2008 on my old family computer. I lagged my way to the center of ctf_well and got my first kill as a Heavy. I decided to buy a computer right then and ...


        Number of Views: 1168 
    Article Preview

    A true enigma. No one knows who or what he is, including himself.
    ...Just kidding.

    Who is this guy again?

    He is a suburbanite from New Jersey, born August 12, 1989. He is a pretty big gamer ...


        Number of Views: 1197 


    What's Bio, Under Construction at an Interrowiki near you!

    Interrogative's Bio

    What First received Team Fortress 2 in the Orange Box through a Gamestop Giftcard he received
        Number of Views: 1127 
    Article Preview

    Suspicious Character

        Number of Views: 1148 
    Article Preview


    By the Numbers

    Steam account created January 1st, 2008.
    Total TF2 playing time: Over 2000 hours, though Steam has reset the clock numerous times.
    Joined Team Interrobang on October 13, 2008
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    Article Preview

    Shas'O Faiz

    The poor lad was born with the misfortune of resembling a grotesque blend of Napolean Dynamite and McLovin, a fact the denizens of TI never let him live down.

    Those of you new to Team Interrobang


        Number of Views: 1165 



    Body text

    Another Section

    Pretend interesting stuff is here for now.
        Number of Views: 1075 

    I have always wanted a tail. I also smell gud.

    Why Penguins?

    Why not!?


    No. Not allowed. ...
        Number of Views: 1139 
    Article Preview


    You have to be careful around those packs of aggressive weasels!

    Roving packs of aggressive weasels are preventing
        Number of Views: 1065 


    Hello my name is Kuckles22, or well my fake internet name is Kuckles22. My real name is [REDACTED, but easily found on the internet]

    My origin story on TI is very similar to others. I had just


        Number of Views: 1460 
    Article Preview


    Who is Kaiser?

    You really don't want to know how much coffee has been consumed from this cup.

    It all began with a yellow Gameboy Color and a copy
        Number of Views: 2677 
    Article Preview

    Impulse Nine

    Impulse Nine's DuckFace/Blue Steel.

    Impulse Nine joined Team Interrobang on April 19, 2008, as the ninth member of the team, after playing with the group on the 352nd Infantry's servers. The membership admission process at that time was extremely informal - there isn't even a record of it happening on the forums. The day he put on the Team Interrobang tag (which at the time was [What!?] was the day the 352nd Infantry banned everybody with that tag.
        Number of Views: 1537 
    Article Preview


    He likes going south on this road!

    Hellfighter is a strange individual who combines Awkward, Awesome, and Terrifying all into one package!
        Number of Views: 1256 


    hup ...


        Number of Views: 1227 
    Article Preview


    The origin of banks

    Although a very basic name, it does have a long history.

    I started getting in trouble at a very young age. The earliest memory my mother has is having to come get me from the principals office the 3rd day of Kindergarten. It seems I decided to pull down a young girls shorts clear down to her ankles, panties included. Several years passed and there were many more parental conversations with multiple principals, until I was moved into a new school system in the middle
        Number of Views: 1574 



    On or about March 24, 2008 a charge appeared on my American Express bill in the wake of Apollo having been kicked from [352nd] and with that Team Interrobang was born. During the summer of 2008 I was largely absent as I was working something ridiculous, like 80 hours weeks at Ockanickon Scout Reservation, as assistant camp director.
    I would like to have stepped down as SA on or about our 3rd anniversary. (FUTURE PERFECT, BITCHES)

    Opinion on Things

    • Admin status and community will always be entangled. There is a camaraderie that comes from a shared responsibility.
    • The words "troll" and "drama" are meaningless, functioning as stand-ins when a person can't articulate their dislike of something.
    • Novel play is good.
    • There is great value to talk. I'm fine with a bit of failure as long as the mechanism that brought it was just.
    • Order of importance when dealing with novel infraction. Check for problem > player talk > community talk > technical fix > rules change.
    • Increasing choice will often make a server worse. If the votemap options includes 2 options, many more players are more likely to get the map "they want" compared to if there are 6.
    • I'm willing to take some shit from people who ship. Also, my memory is short.
    • Your friends can be wrong and your enemies can be right. Truth can hide anywhere.

    Miscellaneous Crap - Lists

    Stuff I've Done as a Senior Admin

    1. Wrote team rules
    2. Shepherded transition to JA voting on recruitment
    3. Wrote team comprehensive rules
    4. Created dodgeball, 2nd dodgeball, remote control sentry, prophunt, zombiehunt, randomizer, pyrotennis, gungame (old), gungame (new), Saxton Hale, WarioWare and RTF ability pack servers
    5. Managed team finances from founding to current
    6. Rewrote MOTD from flat setup to something a bit more dynamic
    7. Added !helpmenu functionality to all servers
    8. Ran brief inter-team prophunt matches
    9. Created townhall meetings, and have so far run all
    10. Coordinated Rev4 web page move
    11. Set up vBulletin and did migration to Rev5
    12. De-spammed the wiki

    Stuff I Currently Do as a Senior Admin

    1. Manage money including reserved slots
    2. Create novel game play servers
    3. Work with plugin developers to create community-requested plugins
    4. Speak with applicants about team rules
    5. Play <--- That shit's important

    Catchphrases and Memes

    1. "Such is the way of things" - Picked this up sometime around 2005 during a concerted effort to be less angry.
    2. "but this isn't team Arcanus" - Just repeated a lot. I have strong opinions on how things should be done, but I'd prefer a well considered community decision over one made by personal fiat.
    3. "Toot toot; you're a bitch" - Picked up from a comic strip. Usually proceeding "Hey, , do you want to hear a song I wrote for you?"
    4. Charlemagne, the Stabby Ghost - Comes out once every few months. Usually when someone says "there's no way you can kill me."
    5. " is a big boy|girl." I have belief in personal autonomy and if someone chooses to depart our company or go in another direction, it's his or her choice. At most we can state our preference for someone to do something else, but once words like "should" come out, one's overstepped.
    6. Verbing - Short-hand for people who do useful things. For instance, someone who helps update servers and runs events would be someone who verbs. People who don't verb shouldn't demand it of others.
    7. "Hm. So..." - A phrase picked up from Karl Van Hoet and often used to preface overly technical statements.
    8. Arcanus's Laws
      1. Law #1 - I disagree.
      2. Law #2 - Don't give people homework.
      3. Law #3 - Any team activity that requires people to do hard work independently with a long payoff time will fail.
      4. Law #4 - You can request that I do anything, and there's a good chance I will. You can tell me to do nothing.
      5. Law #5 - It doesn't exist until there's a thread for it.

    Meetups Attended (Links are to pictures)

    Team Interrobang Members Met

    I very much value the relationships I've developed while participating in Team Interrobang's community. Where reasonable, I try to visit members and have logged more than 20000 miles in the process of visiting them.

    1. A.C.E
    2. Ahk
    3. AlanFFM
    4. Arcanus (I count)
    5. AzureTruth
    6. Bakkster
    7. Banks
    8. Bassclef
    9. Beers
    10. Bevo
    11. BigDave
    12. Blackbird
    13. Bluthium
    14. Booper
    15. BostonJake
    16. Braelito
    17. Bunki
    18. Busfullofzapdoses
    19. Caboose
    20. Captain Charisma
    21. Captain Obvious
    22. Cruel
    23. CS-Gas
    24. Chayoss
    25. Chef Grantisimo
    26. Church
    27. Cowgirl
    28. TheChief
    29. Crasian
    30. Danakin
    31. Devmon
    32. Dispenser
    33. Doctor
    34. DoubleDragn
    35. Earender
    36. EarleJohnson
    37. Eddie
    38. Ellice
    39. Frosted Flakes
    40. GJ
    41. GlaDOS
    42. Gutbuster
    43. Hellfighter
    44. Howitzer
    45. Icebox
    46. Ice Dragon
    47. Impact
    48. Impulse Nine
    49. Insufferable Bubbles
    50. Ironhide
    51. Jazzysax
    52. Jimmy Stewart
    53. Joker
    54. Kaiser
    55. LAIR-E
    56. Leezard
    57. Liquid Chicken
    58. littlekitty
    59. Lucavi
    60. Lumbeeman
    61. Magnet
    62. Maveej
    63. MikeLSTL
    64. MONDO
    65. Mussolini
    66. Nighthawk
    67. Ninjitsu
    68. NovaDenizen
    69. Obi
    70. Oddgo
    71. Olimar
    72. OMGKitties
    73. OnaZ
    74. Pants
    75. PirateKing
    76. Pengin002
    77. Plato
    78. Polonius Monk
    79. Prince of Sweden
    80. RCraft
    81. Renegade42
    82. Rev1
    83. RhymeMime
    84. Saratonin
    85. Scram Chops
    86. Sensei
    87. Sentry Gun
    88. Shas O' Faiz
    89. Sonicx
    90. Spooner
    91. SquareMEal
    92. Squirrels
    93. Stone Cold
    94. Tardbagel
    95. The Stig
    96. Tork
    97. Tweir
    98. Verikon
    99. Villanis
    100. VirginBride
    101. Vulture
    102. Whackakutiej9
    103. Xyos
    104. Yurch
    105. Z-Axis

    And some others sometime. ...
        Number of Views: 1207 


    Aginor is a mess.


    Aginor took his name from an antagonist in Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of time" franchise. He's read of to book 5, and has been stuck there for awhile.
    Because it was name that he rarely saw online, adopted
        Number of Views: 1879 
    Article Preview

    Current Interrobangers: ...
        Number of Views: 2803 
    Article Preview

    Team Interrobang has a long and rich history of inside jokes and memes. This section will help to define them for new members of the team and community.


    The Admin Bus

    A picture of the admin bus. Arcanus is driving with Apollo behind him. Bakkster, ellice, and MONDO are sitting, waiting for the abuse to end. The blood and headset of a scout are splattered across the front bumper, signifying another victim of the powers of the admin bus.

    What ...
        Number of Views: 2268 

    Ulx Commands

    In order to better understand the commands available to our admins, we bring you this section. What follows is a detailed breakdown of all commands ...
        Number of Views: 1697 

    -This is meant to be a floating page for the sake of hanging onto info-

    Non Game Servers

    TeamSpeak Channel

    T.I. Web Chat

    Active Games

    These are games for which we currently host 24/7 servers. You can find all sorts of information related to the servers and their operations here.
    Sourcebans covers our TF2 and Gmod servers
    This is our master community Steam Group

    Team Fortress 2

    Player Statistics
    Server Status
    Server Demos


    Server 1 - Payload ( ...
        Number of Views: 2560 


    Plugins in use, where they come from, and what they do Listing 31 plugins:
    01 "Action Logger plugin - modPants" (2010-10-06, pants 2012-05-26) by,
    02 "Admin File Reader" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    03 "Admin Help" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    04 "Admin Menu" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    05 "Advertisements" (0.5.5) by Tsunami
    06 "AFK Manager" (3.5.2) by Rothgar
    07 "AllChat" (1.1.1) by Frenzzy
    08 "Anti-Flood" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    09 "Anti-Namehack" (2011-09-09) by
    10 "Autoquit plugin" (2010-11-14b) by
    11 "Basic Chat" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    12 "Basic Comm Control" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    13 "Basic Commands" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    14 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    15 "Basic Votes" (1.6.3-dev+4584) by AlliedModders LLC
    16 "Halloween Boss Spawner" (2.0.0) by abrandnewday
    17 "Bumpa cars" (0x09) by Chdata
    18 "Clan Tag Protection" (2011-05-22pooch) ...
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    Diagnosing Team Fortress 2 Gameplay Issues

    Team Fortress 2 is quite simply one of the greatest team multi-player games ever to grace silicon with a genius design aesthetic and Valve’s trademark love and affection. Team Interrobang is a gaming kludge with hardware run out of a basement in Chicago. So reasonably, when there’s a problem with the game, the ignoble Team Interrobang ...
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    Team Structure

    Team Interrobang actively eschews the usage of the term 'clan', which applies to more competitive groups.
    The team is broken down into three levels: Junior Admin, Full Admin and Senior Admin. Unlike most groups, all team members have the admin powers necessary to mute, gag, and kick players. Most issues in the servers are handled by the mute, gag and kick abilities available to every member. A small group of members (Full and Senior Admins) hold additional admin powers to kick other team members, ban cheating players, and perform investigations of team members who have broken team rules. Additionally, the Senior Admins are responsible for processing bans, managing the team's membership and finances, finalize approval of applications, and run the team's servers. Otherwise, Full Admins and Senior Admins are the same as other members and receive no additionally favored slots on the team's servers.
    Any policy changes are done either by consensus of the team's admin corps (Full and Senior Admins) or after votes with the membership as a whole, as well as through the team's periodic town hall meetings.

    Townhall Meetings

    2009-04-12 Meeting Minutes

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    Server Infractions

    The intent of the infraction penalties are to achieve our Team Goal while preserving our Team Values. An action is broadly considered an infraction if it interferes with delivering an enjoyable game experience in accordance with our team's values. Should an action not undermine fun or our values, and inflict no harms, the status of that action as a rules violation should be reconsidered. Determining Standards for Appropriateness and Spamming: Team Interrobang has no categorical ...
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    Team Basics

    Team Name: Team Interrobang
    Team Tag: [!?]
    Team Website:

    Statement of Principles

    Team Goal

    Provide an enjoyable gaming experience to the gaming public through community engagement.
    The team members are members of the gaming public and member preferences and interests are not to be ignored. Team Interrobang members have participated in a value exchange of receiving broad server powers and guaranteed access in exchange for actively improving the quality of the play experience and community.

    Team Values

    "Fun" is implicit in all team activities and noting such would be redundant. The team operates game servers on which games are played and to ignore the irreducible goal of pursuing enjoyment would be to operate a team for the sake of operating a team, wasting everyone's time. A more detailed explanation of Team Interrobang's version of "fun" is enumerated by the team values outlined below.


    Players who show no prior ...
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    Rules Quick Reference


    All bans list a minimum number of days but an admin may extend this period by noting it in the required post outlining the ban. Bans may be lifted or extended by a majority of SAs agreeing to the banning term. Many penalties list nothing beyond 7+ Day Ban and it is the prerogative of the admin delivering the penalty to choose whether
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    Usage note: Admin and team member are used interchangeably. A community member is someone who participates in TI activities regardless of admin status. A team member is any junior, full, or senior admin.


    All Members

    • Enforce Server Policy - Membership is an endorsement of our rules. Failing to enforce our rules breaks the value exchange of membership.
    • Participate in Team Community - Active membership involves participating in media beyond the team game servers. Members are expected to review applicants, participate in team policy
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    Article Preview

    What's a Demo?

    Demos are recordings of what is happening in a game. Demos will record sound, player actions, and on-screen display output and are a convenient way to document in-game activity. ...
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    Using Commands in TF2

    • Commands may be used in chat by replacing the "sm_" with "!" (for publicly displayed commands) or "/" (if you don't want it displayed), so sm_kick becomes !kick, /kick, and so forth.

    • You CANNOT type names with spaces, but a partial name will usually work. If you must issue a command to someone with a space in their name (like if Slick Deal and SlickDeal are both in the server) put the part containing the space in quotes ("Slick Deal"). This also allows an admin to issue multi-word explanations
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    How Interrocam Works

    Interrocam is the named instance of SourceTV run on all TI servers that records the activity in each server as demo (.dem) files. These files are temporarily ...
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    Team Name: Team Interrobang
    Admin Tag: [!?]
    Team Website:

    We are a gaming community focused around Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, and Minecraft.

    Find out more about us and our history by clicking on the links below!


    TF2 Admin Commands

    GMOD Admin Commands

    Recruiting and Responsibilities

    Rules Quick Reference