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  • 2014 Interromugs!

    2014 Interromugs! Interromug, what's that? An Interromug is Team Interrobang's premiere non-ceramic drinking vessel. Harnessing only the finest stone-age materials first discovered my the Mesopotamians these containers are worthy of Gilgemesh. Try the ancient Babylonian...

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    InterrOlympics 2014

    It is time once again for the InterrOlympics! These are a series of Minecraft challenges pitting nations against each other in the name of pure sport and fun. This year, the event will be spread out over seven days instead of being several hours out of one long day. Each day, a new gate will open to a challenge. To sign up, you must form a nation and pick two colors...

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    Game of the Month - April 2014 - Friday, 4th...

    The time has come to once again gather together and play something different for a night. This month, we'll be playing Blacklight: Retribution, the vaguely cyper-punk free to play multiplayer shooter will now be graced with an organized T.I. presence. We will gather into an open server on...

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    Interroweek Celebrations!

    On March 24th, Team Interrobang will turn six years old! Yes, six. Six years is a long time for a gaming community to be around. We've endured many ups, downs, and sideways but have stood the test of time thanks to donated effort and money from people that, in the end, strive to support a good community. We wouldn't be here today without these continued efforts of...

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  • TF2 Server Status

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TF2 # 1 - Payload
(pl_badwater, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 2 - CTF 2Fort
(ctf_2fort, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 3 - Arena
(arena_nucleus, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 4 - CTF Double Cross
(ctf_doublecross, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 6 - Control Point
(cp_granary, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 7 - King of the Hill
(koth_harvest_final, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 8 - Drunken Shenanigans
(tfdb_castle_rc1, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 9 - MGE Mod
(mge_training_v8_beta4b, 1/24 players)
TF2 #10 - Vs. Saxton Hale
(vsh_oilrig_v17, 1/24 players)
TF2 #12 - iBattleDrome
(koth_arctic_b3, 1/24 players)
Gmod #1 - Gamemode Rotation
(ph_no1office, 0/28 players)
Gmod #2 - 24/7 TTT
(de_dust2, 1/24 players)
Gmod #3 - Cinema
(theater_nexmultiplex_1m, 0/35 players)
Gmod #4 - Event
(ph_toxicfailure, 0/20 players)
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    Minecraft server 2

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      • Zeladric