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  • Member Spotlight: Sudo

    THAT'S RIGHT BABY, WE'RE BACK! So before we introduce our guest, I'd like to say that from now on, Member Spotlight will be when it's most convenient for me. So with that, I am setting a goal to (at the very maximum) get a spotlight out once every month. Thank...

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    Team Interrobang First Annual Fun Run - August...

    Hello ladies and gentleman! With the renewing interest in our community's Garry's Mod servers, and my own 18th birthday coming up, I figured around now would be the opportune time to throw a sort of celebration get-together! This event will center around a Garry's Mod gamemode which we used to run a server for, Deathrun! I'm planning on making this event fun...

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    TF2 Wacky Maps Tour! -August 1'st, 6:00 CDT

    Come one, come all, to a wonderful tour across Team Fortress 2's zany, crazy, or interesting maps! On Saturday, April 1'st, we'll embark on our grand journey! We'll be playing on four different maps, and spending about a half an hour on each before moving on to the next. As far as map order, we'll start our tour on ctf_steamroll- a compact Capture...

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    Member Spotlight: Chayoss

    Hey there, it's time for another spotlight! I present: Chayoss! __________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Wonderful! So, we'll get right off the bat with a simple question: Name? Chayoss is fine, thanks. I tend to keep my e-life and life separate. ...

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  • TF2 Server Status

Who's playing as of 3:45am CDT:
TF2 # 1 - Payload
(pl_badwater, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 2 - CTF 2Fort
(ctf_2fort, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 3 - Arena
(arena_nucleus, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 4 - CTF Double Cross
(ctf_doublecross, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 5 - CTF Turbine
(ctf_turbine, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 6 - 24/7 Capture Points
(cp_snowplow, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 7 - 24/7 PASS Warehouse
(pass_warehouse, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 8 - Dodgeball
(tfdb_tennis, 1/24 players)
TF2 # 9 - MGE Mod
(mge_training_v8_beta4b, 1/24 players)
TF2 #10 - 24/7 Borneo
(fw_badapple_v5, 0/24 players)
TF2 #11 - Extreme Payload
(plr_hightower, 1/24 players)
TF2 #12 - iBattleDrome
(koth_arctic_b3, 1/24 players)
Gmod #1 - Gamemode Party
(zs_raunchyhouse_v4_fix, 0/25 players)
Gmod #2 - 24/7 TTT
(de_dolls, 0/20 players)
Gmod #3 - Cinema
(theater_nexmultiplex_1m, 0/35 players)
(elevator, 0/24 players)
Minecraft server 1
    0/50 players online:


    Minecraft server 2

      0/50 players online: