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  • T-Battles: The Third! 8/16/2014 7pm CST



    What's T-Battles? How does it work?

    A T-Battle is an event consisting of two teams: Red and Blue, led by their respective kings. Kings are chosen at random before the event starts. At the very start of the game, players will log on, and teleport into the Team Assembly Chamber, where both Kings will take turns picking players who haven't been assigned a team. After the teams are picked, both teams will teleport to their respective bases located at the edges of the world. Once arrived, both teams will have a certain amount of time to use the environment around them to make weapons, armor, and prepare to either defend their base, or attack the enemy. After the time period has been reached, prep time will end, and battle time will begin. In order to win, the enemy must accomplish three things: Break through the barrier leading into the opposing team's vault and destroy the room by any means necessary (bombs, mining, etc.) once destroyed, then the team's underground bunker will be exposed and the enemy must flood the bunker with water above them (beach). Finally, once both objectives have been completed by either team to their enemy, the final task is to find the enemy King's safehouse and KILL him. Once the King has been killed, the winner will be declared, and the event will be over.

    When are we playing?

    I hope to have the map and server arrangements ready for use by Saturday, August 9'th. And the event will take place at 7:00 CST. I hope to see a big turnout!

    In closing, get ready! Because this T-Battle will be BIG! Hope to see everyone there!


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    1. BornToDoStuff's Avatar
      BornToDoStuff -
    1. Candy Bar Bag Carrying Bag's Avatar
      Candy Bar Bag Carrying Bag -

      I didn't know which game ;-;. Sounds very interesting I'll be glad to join this, hoping that nothing comes up.
    1. JGreen314's Avatar
      JGreen314 -
      I love this game.
    1. Patron's Avatar
      Patron -
      Don't have the game :(
    1. Dr Pepper PhD's Avatar
      Dr Pepper PhD -
      Havent played 'rarria in a while and this is a good excuse to get into it.
    1. Talespinner_Nerubian's Avatar
      Talespinner_Nerubian -
    1. nord's Avatar
      nord -
      I would absolutely love too, but I am flying across the world for a wedding that weekend.
    1. TacticalSheltie's Avatar
      TacticalSheltie -
    1. nord's Avatar
      nord -
      Well I got my dates wrong but I still cannot attend, poop.
    1. Mohound's Avatar
      Mohound -
      I'll see if my calendar is open that date.
    1. ATCStewart's Avatar
      ATCStewart -

      Be sure that everyone who plans on participating downloads Teamspeak ( prior to the event starting.
    1. fieryrage's Avatar
      fieryrage -
      I actually thought this was Trouble in Terrorist Town-related, so I was gonna make a joke about how it's dead and it should stay dead.

      And then I come to a Terraria event.
      God da
    1. BostonJake's Avatar
      BostonJake -
      Quote Originally Posted by Patron View Post
      Don't have the game :(
    1. Universal Wasabi's Avatar
      Universal Wasabi -
    1. BostonJake's Avatar
      BostonJake -
      Quote Originally Posted by BostonJake View Post
      Do to Universal Wasabi's Universally large awesomeness, I now have the game courtesy of him and I must now Or he will find me :(
    1. Sea Lemon's Avatar
      Sea Lemon -
      I will be terrible at this!...
    1. The Frank Furterz's Avatar
      The Frank Furterz -
      I forgot that I owned Terraria. Time to figure out how to play this game.
    1. brandwarbs's Avatar
      brandwarbs -
    1. El Beno's Avatar
      El Beno -
    1. BostonJake's Avatar
      BostonJake -
      I work that day due to a schedule shift :(