Monthly costs: $210
We still need $42 to cover our costs for March, 2017. Thanks to all our donors, big and small!
If you like what we're doing, please become a donor.
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  • Interroweek 2017!?

    Nine years ago, Team Interrobang got its start from a group of just three people with an idea for an online gaming community. Through the ups and the downs, TI has still stood, thanks in no small part to the dedication of the admins and community members that have stuck around and...

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    Team Interro Done Quick

    With AGDQ now over and speed running fresh in our minds, I figure it would be fun for us to take a stab at speed running games. Therefore, the Team Interro Done Quick challenge is now starting! How will this work? From Jan. 15th to Jan. 30th, anyone interested in participating...

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  • Donate to Support Team Interrobang

    While community is the lifeblood of Team Interrobang, the resources the community depends on cost about $300 a month to maintain. Your support keeps our servers humming! You can donate cash or even TF2 backpack items! (Or purchase items that have been donated, helping us turn them into much-needed cash!)

    Benefits for Supporters

    * A custom title on our user forums
    * Reserved slot access to any of our servers that support it

    Calculation of donor benefit time lengths:

    $5 - 2 months of donor benefits!
    $15 - A full year of donor benefits!

    Benefit expiration dates will be pro-rated: $5 - $14.99 at 12 days per dollar, and $15 and up gets 24.35 days per dollar. You may give any of your "donor benefits" days to whomever you wish. For example, donate $15 for 6-months of reserved slot time for both you and a friend! Just contact with the details.

    Cash Donations

    Click on the image below to make a donation -- PLEASE remember to include your STEAM ID so we can set up your reserved slot!.

    Once you get to paypal, consider checking the box for "monthly donation" -- monthly support give us great peace of mind and financial stability!

    TF2 Backpack Item Donations

    You can support Team Interrobang by donating items from your TF2 backpack!

    We will treat all item donations as equal to a monetary donation for purposes of our reserved-slot rewards for donors. We use the "suggested value" as found on to value donated items.

    We will accept anything, metal, keys, whatever, but the minimum value of a donation must be $5.

    The conversion rates on as of January 2016 are:

    2-months reserved slot = $5 = 40 ref = 3 keys

    1-year reserved slot = $15 (a $30 value!) = 120 ref = 7 keys

    We will look up the value of your donated items right at the moment you donate them. We recognize there are other sites with suggested market values for items, but for simplicity and consistency, we've chosen as our standard.

    Just as for cash, the time-length of donor benefits will be pro-rated at 12 days-per-dollar for donations between $5 and $14.99, and 24.35 days-per-dollar for donations above $15.

    You can send a trade offer directly to [!?] InterroVault! Just go to

    To donate, send a trade offer to the vault and then contact [!?] Pants here on the forums, on steam (, or by e-mail at to let him know that you donated.

    Purchase our TF2 Items

    Sadly, our server provider doesn't accept TF2 hats or keys as payment -- they have this silly insistence on cash. You can help us out by buying anything you want from our team backpack, known as The Interrovault.

    You can see what we have to offer at

    To buy, contact [!?] Pants here on the forums, on steam, or by e-mail at

    Purchase cool T.I. Merchandise!

    Head on over to to buy all sorts of cool crap with our logo on it.

    Buy a Poster!

    Our very own BornToDoStuff has designed 9 lovely posters. You should buy one.

    Buy Our Holiday Album!

    Listen to our lovely* voices sing parodies of holiday tunes for your amusement and get a few bonus tracks for just $1. Visit here for details.

    Subscribing Supporters - THANK YOU!!!!

    • [!?] Aguacenta
    • [!?] Arcanus
    • [!?] Bananacopter
    • [!?] BornToDoStuff
    • [!?] Cithaeron
    • Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia
    • [!?] Cruel
    • [!?] ImpulseNine
    • [!?] Pants
    • [!?] Pengin002
    • [!?] Whack-a-KutieKatJ9

    Recurring Donations Total: $150/month

    Total Cost of Operation each Month: ~$200/month

    A record of previous donations and expenses is available as a spreadsheet.
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TF2 # 3 - Arena
(arena_nucleus, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 4 - CTF Double Cross
(ctf_doublecross, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 5 - CTF Turbine
(ctf_turbine, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 6 - Capture Points
(cp_cloak, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 7 - King of the Hill
(koth_suijin, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 8 - Prophunt
(ph_hanger18_b7, 0/24 players)
TF2 # 9 - MGE Mod
(mge_training_v8_beta4a, 0/24 players)
(vsh_courtyard, 0/24 players)
TF2 #11 - Extreme Payload
(plr_hightower, 0/24 players)
TF2 #12 - iBattleDrome
(cp_coldfront, 0/24 players)
Gmod #1 - Gamemode Party
(de_dolls, 0/25 players)
Gmod #2 - 24/7 TTT
(de_dolls, 0/20 players)
Gmod #3 - Cinema
(ch_saturn_valley_b1, 0/35 players)
(zs_storm_v1, 0/24 players)
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