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  • Team Interrobang: Grand Finale : 12/8/18 @ 7:00...

    It's been awhile, hasn't it? I am sure that most of you know that things around here haven't been the best... But while we still can, TacticalSheltie and I are teaming up to do the seemingly impossible... We're going to all get in one last fight. One last final ride, and...

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    Wacky Maps Night! January 14th @ 7 CST

    Hello again. Are you doing well? It's been awhile since you and I have had some time to talk. Maybe we could get together sometime and catch up for awhile? Please join your fellow team members Barndo and myself in night of merriment and oddities as we go on another wacky maps tour....

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  • How to Play TTT

    TTT Rules and Information

    In TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town), you are pitted against Traitors. These Traitors will kill the Innocents without getting caught, and as an Innocent it is your job to find and kill them.

    There is usually one Traitor for every four players (1/4 of the players are Traitors). There is one Detective for every two Traitors.

    As a Detective, you have a DNA Scanner, and you can hunt down Traitors with this.

    As a Traitor or Detective, you have an equipment menu which can be accessed by pressing your context key (Default C). You can buy items with credits.

    As a Traitor, you gain credits by killing many Innocents.

    As a Detective, you gain credits by killing Traitors.

    Players often shorten "Traitor" to "T". Used in a sentence: "I think h4xx0r is a T."

    You can use the quick commands menu for generic call outs like "Person is a Traitor." or "Hitler is acting suspicious." The menu can be accessed any time in game using the Suit Zoom key (Default Z) and a players name is automatically inserted into the call out by simply by looking at them.

    KOS (Kill on Sight) It is presumed that the subject is a Traitor and should therefore be killed. Please note though, that not all KOS are accurate, and players should use common sense or ask for proof when another player is called out. Used in a sentence: "KOS Buttmuncher, he shot me". Example of a situation when you can KOS someone: You see a player kill an innocent player. Example 2: You are a Detective and the DNA Scanner leads you to someone who has killed an Innocent.

    RDM (Random Death Match) This is when a player attacks another player for no reason. Used in a sentence: "360noscopezzXX RDMed me." Example of RDM: Shooting a player if you have no proof of him/her being a Traitor.

    AFK (Away from keyboard) This is when a player is in-game, but not actively playing. It is in the best practice to notify players in-game that you will be AFK. If you will be away for awhile (more than a minute) please go to spectate. Used in a sentence: "omgiluvbieberxx is AFK."

    You can use your Item Spawning Menu key to drop weapons (Default Q).

    You may want to type in console; bind KEYNAME ttt_print_damagelog When you press said key in the pre-round stage or post-round stage, it will print damagelogs of the past round in the console. This is useful for finding RDMers. Example: bind i ttt_print_damagelog

    If there is not an admin in the server nor is there one available on your Steam friends list, you can send a distress message to the Team Interrobang chat room, where admins tend to hang out, by using the command @ac YOUR_MESSAGE. Abuse of this feature is frowned upon and offenders may be punished.

    Karma is used to determine whether you are a liability or not. When you first join the server, your karma will be 900. The maximum karma is 1,000, and you are auto-banned for 24 hours if your karma goes below 600. You gain karma by damaging the opposing team but can lose karma by damaging your own team.