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  1. Back Again

    So I've been away from the forums and servers and, for the most part, the PC in general for a little while now.

    I recently got some progress done on finding a legit teaching job. I had been hoping to get one in one of the local school districts, but after some interviews which all seemed to revolve around the idea of them not wanting to hire someone who hadn't already been teaching for at least 3-5 years, I decided to broaden my horizons a bit... And now I'm looking at starting up as ...
  2. Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Nice to be a part of this cool community.

    Updated January 16th, 2017, January 16th, 2017 at 06:38 AM by AliceCampbell

  3. Returned of the deranged lunatic

    Anyone familiar with my blogs know that much of what I type can be confusing, rather wordy or both. At this point, with the passing of my Writing and English classes, and an astounding amount of experience on how to increase the effectiveness of my writing skills: I can work on my wordiness but I can't help you with the confusing parts. :I I'll do my best to make them as coherent and legible as possible. All I can ask from you now is your patience while I recite the Declaration of Independence. ...
  4. Revelations

    Cheers, TI!

    This past weekend, I was in Heavy Montreal with our very own Crasian and Nighthawk. During this weekend, I had the time of my life. An experience unlike any other I've ever had.

    And at the same time, a realization. The past several years of my life, I've been putting up with being a fat turd, a lazy worthless piece of shit, someone putting themselves off as a victim of circumstance.

    That's depression, ladies and gentleman. So I need to announce ...
  5. Ramblings of a Mad Man

    Cheers, TI. It's been a run so far.

    If you're not the type for philosophical bullshit, then this isn't really your cup of tea.

    So as some of you know last year, my Mom passed away at the ripe age of 54. A year and a half later, I'm still here and still indifferent. Quite an awkward proposition, to suppose that I wouldn't be bothered by a family member's death. (And a close one at that.) I've felt this way for a very long time. Indifferent, detached, disinterested. I'm ...
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