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The Prince of Sweden

  1. Where am I?

    I apologize that I've seemingly disappeared, but I had some stuff to deal with. Some personal problems sent me to the psych ward, but that's pretty much dealt with.
    However, I probably won't be around much in the near future, since me and my friends decided to all play WoW for the summer as a little fun event, and that's eating up my time.
    If you want to join me in WoW, we play on the Horde in Sentinels, my tag is Hyperion#1878.
    Also, with the DOTA 2 International 2014 around ...
  2. Team Interrobang wouldn't be the same without all of YOU

    The best part of Team Interrobang is definitely the people in it. Even more so than the servers, the people here are what brings me back day after day.
    I've had great times here; playing Cards Against Humanity (and eating too much cake), doing Games of the Month, Wacky Races, and other fun shenanigans.
    Everyone interacting with each other here is what makes team Interrobang what it is. I check back here almost daily so I'm sure I don't miss anything, and
    I'm sure I'm not the ...

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