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Sunny Milk

  1. The Blackest of Metal

    This is the best Black Metal album I have heard since Emperor broke up. At times it even goes into acoustic metal/Pink Floyd meets Varg Vikernes/Mercyful Fate. By the way, the lyrics are in Ukrainian. No, this does not make it any less epic when you find out it's all about Norse Gods, Valhalla, and how badass Ukraine is.

    Nokturnal Mortum - The Voice of Steel

    1. Intro - The intro starts us off with something you never really ...
  2. The Dark Below

    So last night on /v/, a poster posted a supposed "leak" of the next WoW Expansion. Now, I've been WoW free for going on 6 months now- the game is far from what it was like in Wrath, and today it caters to more of a casual audience compared to the hardcore raider audience that I grew into. (Ignore the run-on, I'm rambling)

    I'll get on with it then.


    World of Warcraft: The Dark Below
  3. Of Goons and Spaceships

    Greetings everyone. It may come as a small or large surprise to some of you that I am a Goon- that is, a member of the Something Forums and a terrible, terrible poster. In my off time from TF2 and the forums, I can either be seen on SA Forums or playing my other love in life: the MMO EVE Online.

    In EVE, you pilot a spaceship in a galaxy of humans that come in four racial types. The game is a sandbox with roughly 300,000 active players, and the alliance of 10,000 or so players ...
  4. SpaceX, NASA, and how you can go to Mars for under a million!

    I wrote this article last week for my local newspaper in the "Features" section. Thought it would make interesting reading for some of you all.


    With the swan song of NASA's Space Shuttle program sung with the flight of STS-135 (Atlantis) in July of last year, financial prospects for NASA look grim. With an economy in dire straits and little to spare, the retirement of the Space Shuttle has led to a ...
  5. Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance

    Evil Wizard Reviews! (Almost) No spoilers! Gritty and good! The truth!

    I went into this movie expecting some typical Nicolas Cage action and dark humor. Sure, the first Ghost Rider was pretty good a few years back, and his lackluster role in The Apprentice was saved partially by his "Cagian" humor, but boy does he cut it close here.

    The Hook: The story revolves around a possibility of redemption for Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider. Focusing on the search for the ...
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