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October 5th, 2014, October 5th, 2014, 09:36 PM
“No… Please don’t let it be true.” The angel mumbled beneath her breath, shaking her head in utter disbelief.

For years she had been keeping an eye on the Winchesters; ever since she had first heard word that Dean was to be a vessel for her brother Michael. Having been hunting all that is evil, the duo had been a favorite of the old celestial being. Hearing through the angel waves that Dean had been slain by the hand of Metatron, she couldn’t help but to feel angst. He was supposed to put an end to the tyranny that Metatron had plagued the galaxy with in his greedy need to become the God almighty. Pallor digits curled within the nexus of her hands, tightening so much as to cause little drops of blood to roll down her knuckles and fall on the dark paved road beneath her feet. What was to be done now?

Closing her eyes, Sophia took in a slow and steady breath as she searched the existing world for signs of the angel that had been in charge of the Winchesters for the past several years; Castiel. He had been another admired entity for the angel of peace. Although he had made several mistakes over the years, his heart was in the right place. After all, he had also been close to putting an end to Metatron. Perhaps if she could pinpoint his current location she could confront him; maybe even come out of hiding and join the rebellion. Sadly, peace wasn’t to come without a price in this war…she knew that now.

With all the buzz of Gadriel giving up his life for Castiel to break free from the prison of Heaven, Sophia opened her eyes to see a different landscape spread out in front of her. An old and abandoned playground was guarded by two angels. Having noticed her arrival, they seemed to know exactly who she was. Seeming hesitant at first, she raised her hand up slowly, eyes focused sternly on the followers of Metatron.

“I’m not here to fight. Please; give way.”

“And why should we do that?” The angel who dwell within the young child asked, cocking an eyebrow with amusement.

With a small grin, Sophia stepped forward, her head tilting to the side. “You know who I am, don’t you?” She asked, rolling her shoulders back and straightening her spine. “Metatron has fled like a coward. He no longer resides in Heaven and will soon seek judgment. If you don’t believe me, why not call for your God?”
The two henchmen shifted their glances upon each other almost as if to contemplate their options. Before they could reach for their blades that were tucked away within the sleeves of their jackets, Sophia had teleported behind them, grabbing their blades and pressing them into the small of their backs. “I ask you just once more. Let. Me. In.” She spat, pressing the tip into their vessel's skin, drawing small beads of blood to dot through their clothes. Without any more reluctance, the angels opened up the seal, never meeting Sophia’s eyes. Retreating the blades away from their backs, she slipped them into the belt loops of her jeans and stepped backwards towards the seal. Eyes focused on them, she bowed her head. “Thank you for your cooperation.” With this simple thanks, she slipped into the vortex and was sent back into Heaven; her dearly missed home.

As soon as the brilliant light diminished, she noticed that she had been placed into a large office of some kind. Taking in the surroundings, she walked forward, always on guard. Finding that none of the fellow angels that were present seemed hostile, Sophia made her way through the building in search of the angel who could help end Metatron’s reign once and for all.

“Castiel? I know you’re here somewhere. These last twenty-four hours have tried my patience… Please don’t keep me waiting.” Her booming voice echoing among the granite walls, some of the angels shifted their gaze upon her; realizing that she was one of the many appointed archangels by God Himself. Having only appeared a handful of times over several centuries, her appearance would be of a shock to most of the celestial entities.

**Sophia, an angel of love since the beginning of time. She is one of the oldest archangels who had begun as a cherub under the ruling of Yves; the archangel of Destiny. On the creation of Eve, Sophia was elevated to Archangel status so as to build and maintain love in a fallen world.
The angels underneath Sophia’s ruling are charged with fostering and protecting love among humans and celestial entities. As the world falls deeper into turmoil due to the wars and chaos that continuously erupts on the once peaceful and placid world, Sophia descends down from heaven to assure that her ruling is to be carried out so as to keep order. Peace is her main objective and it will be held at all costs.
Much like the Supernatural verse, Sophia has the ability to heal at an immense rate as well as the ability to heal others. Along with this gift, she is also capable of teleporting on will and wields an angel blade that has the ability to destroy other celestial entities. Being an angel who’s values revolve around peaceful resolution, the blade along with any other hostile force is used upon last resort.
This little tidbit is a random example of my writing skill; short, but sweet. As I continue to write within this section, please feel free to give me ideas on what theme or character I should write. I enjoy exploring different genres and would be more than happy to take on a new challenge. I hope you enjoyed!**

October 5th, 2014, October 5th, 2014, 10:41 PM
that was pretty good. I've never read this one before but I felt like I was reading a novel. I was lost a little at first on the context but i caught up soon enough.

October 6th, 2014, October 6th, 2014, 07:03 AM
Wow, That was amazing! I was quite drawn to it the whole time =3

October 6th, 2014, October 6th, 2014, 10:27 AM
Very nice, I wish I could write like that...

October 6th, 2014, October 6th, 2014, 10:49 AM
Very nice, I wish I could write like that...

You can, it'll take a long while of practice and experience.

(Also, get back on FTB, I miss my lil' basement demon ;-;)